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Vacation in Mersin TURKEY



Districts of Mersin,Anamur ,Aidinjik, Bozyaka, Camliyayla, Erdemli, Gulnur,Mut, Silifke and Tarsus History The oldest writing history of city same with Luvi,Kizzuwatna, Hitit, Asur and Babil Kings ' history. Then there were dominance of Hitit,Urartus,Asurs, Babils, Lidyas.Perisans, Seleukoses and Romans. Untill Ottoman seized this area there were dominance of Arabians, Abbasias, Egypt Tulunogullari,Seljuks,Mogolians, Hachlilar, Memluks,Ramazanogullari and Karamanogullari.These lands was Ottoman in 16th century. What are the meals of Mersin ? You can enjoy with fish foods, kebaps and meat meals at retuarants in Mersin Turkey. In addition fish gratings,tantuni,jezeria,bird eye,hummus,telat,eye stuffing,shirdan,bandirma,ring soup and ovelemech are regional foods of Mersin Turkey. What can buy from Mersin Turkey ? Mersin (Turkey) is rich city about it malls. You can buy different presents and sweet tastes that about of region. You can see examples of handcraftes in cartes,rugs and yazmas.



Traveling Places of Mersin Turkey



Antique Cities: There are a lot of antique cities in Mersin that we suggest you to visit. Naginos Antique City, Kelenderis Antique Cİty,Soli Antique City,Anemurium Antique City, Olba Antique City, Uzunjaburch Remants some of these place where a lot of visitor come every year.


Mosques and Churches: Mersin one of the place of our country where you can see mosaic of culture clearly. So that you can see a lot of mosques , madrasahes and churches while your trip. Some of them are Old Mosque, Muftu Mosque, Ulu Mosque, Eshabi Kehf Mosque,Mamure Mosque,Alaaddin Mosque,Kubat Pasha Madrasah,Hazreti Mikdat Mosque,Mountionbazaar Church,Djambazli Church, Aya Tekla Church and Alahan Monastry.


Castles: There are a lot of historical structures that you can discover.One of them is Mersin Castle. We suggest you to see these castles: Mersin Asar Castle, Belenkeshlik Castle,Mut Castle,Mamure Castle,Silifke Castle, Mezgit Castle, Girltown Sea Castle,Gulek Castle,Gedigi Castle,Chandir Castle,Sinap Castle ,Susanlik Castle,Softa Castle,Gozne Castle.


Plateaues: You should visit these plateaues if you come to Mersin(Turkey) in summertimes. They are; Gozne Plateau, Sogujak Plateau,Kizilbag Plateau,Findikpinar Plateau,Chamliyayla Plateau, Gulek Plateau,Sorgun Plateau, Balandiz Plateau,Kirobasi Plateau,Gokbelen Plateau, and Bardat Plateauin Mersin Turkey.


Beaches: Mersin is developed cities about turism in Mediterrian Region. There are blue sea and beaches in Mersin Turkey. If you enjoy beach in Mersin we suggest you these places: Kazanli Beach, Kojahasanli Beach,Ayash Beach, Tomuk beach, Kargipinar Beach,Susanoglu Beach, Atayurt Beach, Kizakalesi Beach,Kapizli Beach,Akchakil Beach,Soguksu Beach and Pullu Forest Beach.


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