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Vacation in Kastamonu TURKEY



It is located in North side and it is one small , sweet city of Black Sea. Everywhere of it smells history.It is ideal city for people who search holiday in nature with its pure and clear air.I want present you this city.  Abana,Agli,Arach, Azdavay,Bozkurt,Djide,Chatalzeytin,Daday, Devrekani,Doganyurt,Hanonu,Ihsangazi,Inebolu,Kure,pinarbashi,Seidiler,Senpazar,Taskopru, and Tosya.



Arach: It is located over Kastamonu-Karabuk highway and 44 km far away from city center. Djide: It is an important port over Silk way and 146 km far away from city center.


Daday: Ataturk was here in 23-31 Augost 1925 because of Hats and Clothing Revolution and hosted Kopekcioglu House. The distance between city center is 29km.


Hanonu: It is 69 km far away from city center. The most important tomb of city is Seyh Saban Tomb and the person was born here.


Ihsangazi: There are Haracoglu mosque and tomb and located 61 km far away from city center.


Kure: It is 61 km far away from city center. There is Doganlar Castle and was built in B.C 1700-1100 in Kastamonu Turkey.Inside Kure forest available for plataue turism.The canyon of Yaraligoz Mountion is value for seen.


Pinarbasi: It is 92 km far away from city center.There is waterfall above Devrak River. The Ilgarin Cave an important place for turism.



Traveling Places of Kastomonu Turkey



Kastamonu Castle: It is thoght that this castle was built in Byzantanian Period.The basic part of castle belongs to Byzantanians and up side to Djandarogullari.


Zimbilli Hill Tumulus: It is located near Tashkopru district center and this antique city was built in B.C 64 by Romans such as center of Paphlagonia state.After excavation occured a lot of works and mozaics.


Atabay Mosque: It is located at center of city and was built in 1273 by Djandarogullari. Door to the public due to the altar wooden pillars extending 140 pole structure known as a short cut stone minaret bears the Seljuk period features.


Ibni Nejjar Mosque: It is found in center of city and was built in 1353.This mosque restoreted a lot and came to our modern day.


Mahmut Bey Moque: It is located iat northwest side of Kasablar Village and 20km far away from city center. The nice example of wood mosque in Seljuks and Beyliks period. It is was built in 1388 by Djandaroglu Mehmet Bey.Wooden doors are decorated with ancient writings and floral motifs. The pen works with plain colored paint on wood is also very successful.


Ismail Bey Kullie: Djandaroglu Ismail Bey was built kullie that consists mosque , tomb,hamam,madrasah,and imaret in 1451 at Kastamonu Turkey.The stonework in front side of tomb is isteresting.


Ismail Bey Han: There are two doors of this han from north and south , located in Aktars Bazaar.


Deve Han: It is located above of Ismail Bey Kullie.


Urgan Han: It is located near of Nasrullah Mosque and was built in 1748.


Gokceagac Han: It is located in city center and it was used as church in Justien period. Then used as caravansarai by Turks


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