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Information About Of Kastamonu, Turkey



It is a city in the foreground with its natural beauties which is adjacent to Corum, Bartin, Karabuk, Cankiri and Sinop Turkey. Kastamonu was especially important for the Ottoman Empire. It is possible to see works of many Ottoman architecture including works. Apart from this, historical traces of various civilizations are available in the city. Kastamonu has an economic structure based on agricultural production. In addition, Kastamonu, which has some branches of tourism, has achieved a return to its economy with the works carried out in this field and has succeeded in introducing itself more and more every day. Kastamonu, which has a long, long coast in the Black Sea, can be understood to have such remarkable beauties like Trabzon(Turkey), Rize(Turkey) and Artvin Turkey. Kastamonu opens its doors to its guests with its natural and historical artifacts. Dozens of local delicacies of the city attract the attention of the visitors of Kastamonu. We have listed the sights of Kastamonu for you;



Traveling Places in Kastamonu, Turkey



Kure Mountains National Park 

Kure Mountains, which has a huge micro-air-conditioning structure, has been the source of life with its pure oxygen which has the quality of healing. It is a natural wonder of Kastamonu that hundreds of species of endemic plants grow, waterfalls flow in a restless voice, and must be seen with their valleys and canyons. You must add to your list of places to visit in Kastamonu, Turkey.


Ilgaz Mountains and Ilgaz Ski Center 

The Ilgaz Mountains in the Middle Black Sea between Kastamonu and Cankiri Province provide a wonderful atmosphere in summer with the Ilgaz Ski Center in winter. Even the poems and folk songs were written for the beauty of the Ilgaz Mountains, the most important natural beauty of Kastamonu. Ilgaz Ski Center, which is located at an altitude of 2000 meters, is being supplied more and more every year with Ilgaz Hotels and ski slopes. The ski resort of Zigana, the ski resort of the Black Sea, will be one of the preferred locations for skiing in winter holidays such as Uludag Ski Center, Erciyes Ski Center and Kartepe Ski Center.


Ancient City of Pompeipolis 

This Pompei Police Ancient City, located at Taskopru It was founded in 64 as the most interesting city of the region. The city, which contains Roman works, is almost identical to the Ancient city of Ephesus in Izmir, Turkey. Along with the valuable artifacts obtained as a result of the archaeological studies, it has taken its place among the important open air exhibition areas. The ancient city of Pompeipolis, which has been witnessing the history of Kastamonu for many years, should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Kastamonu.


Ilica Waterfall

Ilıca Waterfall, which you will admire with its magnificent view, will be a wonderful nature route where you can relax and watch. You can add Ilıca Waterfall, which is an important example of Kastomunu natural beauties, to your list of places to see in Kastamonu.


Kastamonu Castle

Kastamonu Castle, which has become the symbol of Kastamonu, has witnessed the history of Kastamonu with its 800-year history and still stands firmly. Thanks to the castle located in one of the highest areas of Kastamonu city, it will be an ideal point to see the panoramic view of the city. We recommend that you have places on Kastamonu as underlined in your list of places to visit.


Catan Canyon 

Catan Canyon, which is among the indispensable addresses of nature lovers, has become the focus of attention with its green areas. If you want to have a different trip experience, you can turn your route into Kastamonu Catan Canyon.


Kuyluc Cave 

Kuyluç Cave, which has a very large area, is very popular with its depth. Places to see in Kastamonu can be a nice alternative to your list.


Zimnilli Tepe Hoyuk 

It is an exhibition of artifacts from an ancient city founded in BC.64 in this region. As a result of the work done every day, some more works come to light. Zımbıllı Tepe Mound is preferred by archeology enthusiasts.


Liva Pasha Mansion Ethnography Museum 

It is one of the most important buildings which stands out with the strength and glory of the city. The mansion, which is one of the best examples of civil architecture, is an artifact worth seeing. The mansion has been opened as a museum since 1997 and there are dozens of artifacts in which you can see the historical processes of Kastamonu, Turkey.


Ismail Bey Complex

It is one of the most important buildings of Kastamonu province. About 600 years ago, a complex of education and religion, the complex is now one of the most sought after monuments of the city. We recommend you for your list of places to visit in Kastamonu, Turkey.




Transportation to Kastamonu, Turkey



 Kastamonu can be easily reached by road and airway. Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, Bursa(Turkey), Antalya(Turkey) daily, large cities, and other cities on certain days of the week, there are many bus companies. For those who prefer the airline, Kastamonu Uzunyazı Airport is used. Kastamonu Uzunyazi Airport In return for your transfer needs, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer.



Accommodation in Kastamonu, Turkey



Kastamonu natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. You will find different alternatives for your stay in Kastamonu. Hotels in Kastamonu, you can find hotels, pensions and different accommodations in terms of your budget. Day of Kastamonu Dream of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies in the sector of villa holidays sector, Kastamonu Hotels you can stay in Kastamonu Hotels, hostels outside the family, you can stay with your family in Kastamonu Vacation Rentals and Rentals apartments in Kastamonu we can serve.