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Vacation in Kayseri TURKEY


Kayseri ( Turkey ) was an important trade center in Anatolia during history. It famous not only with trade but also with winter turism in Ercies Moution and with delicious tastes of Kayseri Turkey.

Districts: Kayseri(Center), Akkishla, Bunyan, Develi, Felahie, Hajilar, Injesu, Kojasinan,Melikgazi, Ozatan, Pinarbashi, Sarioglan, Sariz, Talas, Tomarza, Yahyali and Yeshilhisar.

Traveling Places

Museums and Ruins


Arceological Museum

Ethnography Museum

Kayseri Museum


Kultepe – Karahoyuk Koyu Soganli- Yeshilhisar

Kultepe Ruin : It is located at 20 km of Kayseri Sivas roadway and height is 22 metres size is 500 metres. It has Karum city around ruin. This worldwide known open air museum has called attantion first in 1881. There were Assyria, Young Hittite, Roman-Persian and Tabalian Periods from excavations. The most important works are in Asur language especially tablets.These are the oldest articles of Anatolia.


City Walls and Castle : It is located at Cumhuriyet squeare and was built middle of 3 century, it was repaired middle of 6 century.The historic castle of city has two sides : inside and outside castle.


Religion Turism : The most important mosques of city are Ulu Mosque, Gulluk, Han, Hajikilich, Kurshunlu and Kale Mosque those located at center of Kayseri. Aygunlu, Chiphte, Sirchali,Shakh Kutlu Hatun, Ali Djafer, Melik Mehmet Gazi and Seyit Burhanettin combs are most important places in Kayseri Turkey.The most important madrasahes of Kayseri (Turkey) are Sahabie, Hunat, Seradjedin, Kosk ,Hatunie.



Han and Caravansaries



Sultanhani Caravansarai : It is found 50 km from Kayseri- Sivas roadway.It was built in Seljuk Sultan Alaattin Keykubat. Caravansarai known with ith architecture.


Karatay Caravansarai: It is found in Bunyan district, Karadayi village and was built in 1255 by Djelalettin Karatay who was vizier of Selcuklu.


Kara Mustafa Pasha Caravansarai: It is found in Injesu district and there are 30 stores inside it and was built in 1660 by Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha who was vizier of Ottoman.


Vizier Han : It is found inside city near to Kapali Bazaar. This two-storied han was built by Damat Ibrahim Pasa in 1727.There is fountanian middle of Han and its architecture is interesting for visitors.


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