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Vacation in Kirklareli TURKEY



Antiquity in Kırklareli (Turkey), which is a border city, Medieval, Byzantine, and whether there are many works that reflect the Ottoman culture, coastal tourism, culture, caravan, camping and water sports tourism, such as hunting and nature tourism is an ideal central location for many branches. Districts Kırklareli districts of the province; Babaeski, Demirköy, Kofjaz, Luleburgaz, Pehlivankoy, Pınarhisar and Visa.



Traveling Places of Kirklareli Turkey



Kırklareli Museum Mosques: Theological Schools, Churches and Monasteries Speed Bey Complex Kırklareli is Center. Speed in Kösemihalza Bey in 1303 commissioned by the baths complex consists of a mosque and guilds. Has a complex city's most important monuments that property belonging to the Ottoman period. Bath, forms a complex with fountains and mosques.


Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque: Complex Is located in the district lüleburgaz. 1570 dated complex mosque, bath, is a magnificent building with school and Ottoman caravanserai.


Cedit Ali Pasha Mosque: Is located in Babaeski district. Mimar Sinan's works of the mosque, which is supposed to be built between 1561-1565.


Little Hagia Sophia Church: It is situated in the district visa. Located in the neighborhood of the castle walls Church, XVI by Suleiman Pasha Gazi. century was converted into a mosque.


Cave Monastery: County is located in the visa. The slope of the valley in the northwest of the county, is carved into the rock.


Ayanikol Ayaz and Monastery: Visa is the county town Kiyikoy. The fully formatted carving inside the rock mass is composed of three parts.


Other monasteries in Kırklareli; Rock Monastery (Kaynarca) Byzantine Monastery of the Caves Visa (Visa Asmaka to Location) Ayanikol Byzantine Monastery (Kiyikoy) tombs Within the boundaries of Kırklareli province has registered 92 tumulus. Kırklareli the end of the Bronze Age tumuli (B.C 14-13 century. - MS3 century.) It is understood that continued until the beginning of the excavation.


These Ones: Kırklareli, B, D tumuli, Alpullu Mound Hill Mound, Lüleburgaz Kepirtepe Mound, Flat Forest Mound Mound is Islam Bey. dolmens (Cover Rock Tombs) is considered to be the early stages of many common tomb in Thrace. Dolmens of detected (M.Ö.1300-800) It is understood that saw use. These Ones; Kofcaz, Dereköy, Kadikoy, Kula Gejitagiz, the flap, is located near the village of Duzoral.


Menhir (Standing Stones): There are lots around kırklareli. Main use of the process of the Early Iron çağı'dır.b days Kırklareli Central Plums, Değirmencik, Ahmetche Villages, Luleburgaz Vicinity.


Protected Areas Kırklareli: Kasatura Bay Nature Preserve Kırklareli - Saka Lake Nature Protection Area caves Dupnisa Cave outside of Turkey, the most famous cave in Kırklareli Visa / Kiyiköy Kiyikoy with Captain Cave Cave, Visa / Balkaya in Domuzder and beat are the cave.


Beaches: Kırklareli, has approximately 50 km of natural beach. The most important of beach Kiyikoy is İgneada and Kastros. Kiyikoy (mussels) Visa 40 km. Hotel is located at. Black dominated, Kiyiköy town is located on a rocky floor, natural wonder is located between two natural sites. These stream trout, carp and mullet fish can be caught, motor boating or can be made. There are long and narrow with Pabuçdere a clean beach where type can be established between the sea and the camp. Accommodation outside cafes with good fish restaurants are also available for daily use in Kiyikoy. Boarding house is advanced. Igneada Demirkoy 25 km. If the Kırklareli 97 km. from in İgneada, 40-50. wide and about 10 km. is a stretch of length. Igneada, especially nearby are attracting a large number of first-degree natural sites. Kastros Kiyikoy 18 km. If the Kırklareli 85 km. Located Kastros from beaches, covers an area of 500 meters long and 200 meters wide. Clear sea, fine sandy beach is a rocky structure and places. North and south of the beach is covered with forests. Beach tent camping area, restaurant, buffet, WC, tea garden, there are facilities to meet the needs such as drinking water. Bird Watching Areas İgneada Forests


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