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Vacation in Kirsehir TURKEY


Kisrshehir located in Central Anatolia Region of Turkey Republic. Parish in 1867, in 1869 the county, was ensign in 1870, Avanos, sharp and Mejidiye (Chichekdag) districts are connected to Kirsehir. Independent province in 1921, the province in 1924 Kırsehir Avanos, Çiçekdağı, and tried to Mucur district are connected. Kaman district in 1944, which is linked to Kirshehir. As a political counteroffensive arising from the July 20, 1954 Date of Prime Minister Adnan Menderes's political rival Osman Bolukbashı feeling his resentment of the extraction bags in every election from Kırsehir hometown, Nevshehir, Kirshehir also been turned into a district of Nevshehir Chichekdag district of Yozgat , Kaman Ankara, Hajibektash, Mujur and Avanos is connected to Nevsehir. Kırşehir, which again became a province on July 1, 1957; and Chichekdag Yozgat, Ankara and Nevshehir Kaman Mucur district are included again. 2010 Official data of our city centers along with the 7 provinces of the district, there are 23 towns and 234 villages. Kirshehir name Kirshehir history, began to be known by the Hittite period. However, it is not yet known then what is the name of the province. A search of the province Aquae Saravenas (Akova - Saravana) with the name (2nd century BC) revealed that known. Previously Makissos (Macissus) known as the city, during the reign of Emperor Justinian (527-568) re-established, and he began to be called Justinianopolis. In the middle of this vast expanse of prairie town Turks "in the country" gave the name. City break time colloquially as "Kırsehir" was. These days, even people living in some of the villages, the rural town here called master. Kirshehir name is Turkish. Showing a rumor by the people living here who opposed him on arrival Timur Anatolia "break the city," said, is then varied as its rural town and said that it takes the bus to the day that name. Kirshehir Attractions 1.Ashik Pasha Tomb Pasha fell in love with the architecture of the tomb is square. The part is rectangular entrance is covered with a dome over the tomb. 2.Kesikkopru Caravanserai Caravanserai in the south of the entrance door is a low-arched. It has the geometric patterns of the gate. Can be seen in the other corner of the caravanserai geometric motifs. Recently, a case which devastated Kesikkopru Caravanserai was restored by the General Directorate of Foundations. Located in the central district kırşehir Kesikköprü Caravanserai can take its place among your visit to have an easy route for transport. 3.Seyf Lake Bird Sanctuary Saif Kirshehir between the natural beauty of Lake, 35 kilometers from the city center, offers its guests an easy access road. 4.Kalehoyuk Archaeological Museum In 2009, connected to the Kirshehir Museum Directorate Kalehoyuk Archaeological Museum is located in the resort of calls connected to Kaman. Kalehoyuk Archaeological Museum was established by the Japanese government under the leadership of the Cultural Heritage Protection Program.