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Information Of Kocaeli, Turkey




Kocaeli is located in the Marmara Region with a population of 1.850 million and is a neighboring city of Bursa, Istanbul and Sakarya Turkey. After Istanbul with Turkey's most developed industrial network Kocaeli, with its strategic location which has undertaken this task. In addition, it is one of the prominent positional advantages of the city when it is located at a point that connects Istanbul with Anatolia with its ports located on the Gulf coast. In parallel with the development of these industrial and commercial activities, arrangements are underway to highlight the natural beauty and historical texture. Kocaeli, in fact, carries the potential data that may be a tourism city. Advances on the other sectoral fronts have been a factor behind the tourism sector. In spite of all these, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has planned the plans and it has managed to announce the tourism routes it has held in recent years to more people. We have listed the places to visit in Kocaeli as follows:



Places to Visit in Kocaeli, Turkey



Kandira: An immaculate sea, a lush nature and a tremendous place of peace. Kocaeli is an ideal place for those who want to spend the weekends in a calm and peaceful way. Kandıra, which takes its visitors on a long journey among the beauties of nature, is also among the preferences of a large part of the Istanbul Population because it is located among the holiday destinations near Istanbul. There are many historical sights and many sights to see.


Bagirganli: It is one of the wonders of the Black Sea waves by hitting the shore. It is the most lively example of blue, green and white. It will add to the pleasure of walking on the gorgeous quaint beach and touring the village from start to finish.


Kefken: It is an enormous region where the sea and nature are together. You can take a walk on the long coast of Kefken which is one of the holiday destinations of Kocaeli and enjoy the sea. You cannot go to Kefken Port, which is the coast of Black Sea.


Kefken Island: With its history, you can reach Kefken Island from Cebeci Beach which offers a nature hike. On this beautiful island attracting visitors to the area, there are remains of a lighthouse, fortress walls and cistern. Kefken Island, which is one of the holiday destinations of Kocaeli, is definitely worth a visit.


Kumcagiz Beach: It is a magnificent bay, which can be reached in 5 minutes from Kefken. It has a great beach. This area is usually flooded by daily visitors. For those who live in Istanbul, it is possible to go to Kumcagiz Beach without seeing the short term holiday opportunity.


Kartepe and Kartepe Ski Center: The most notable area of ​​Kocaeli Tourism is Kartepe Ski Center. In winter tourism, modern facilities and suitable runways are among the top spots in this area. Especially its proximity to metropolitan cities has become a popular winter holiday area. In addition to skiing, Kartepe welcomes guests in summer with its magnificent nature. Domestic and foreign tourists visiting Sapanca Turkey, Maşukiye and Sogucak regions have a list of places to visit in Kartepe. When you turn your route to this region with a great atmosphere, due to its proximity to Sapanca and its surroundings, you can add a list of places to visit in Sapanca as an alternative to your list of places to visit in Kartepe. Visiting the natural beauties of Kartepe will be a good experience for you.


Eskihisar Castle: This city, which is the most important historical building of Kocaeli city, sheds light on the history of Kocaeli with its 800 years history. Eskihisar Castle, which has reached the present with its soundness from the Byzantine period to the present, offers you an historical view with a magnificent sea view. Eskihisar Castle in Gebze district of Kocaeli; Fatih Sultan Mehmet was strategically important and had been used in different ways over the years. Eskihisar Castle is a good example of the historical places of Kocaeli; Places to visit in Kocaeli can be found on your list.


The Gulf of Izmit: The Gulf of Izmit, which has the same name as Izmit, is the most important transit point between Asia and Europe. You can go for a walk along the endless coast of Izmit Bay with the smell of sea, while listening to the natural musical of 121 bird species, it is an ideal travel point where you will see the passage of the ships.


Kandira Cebeci Coast: If you want to see unexplored beaches and sunbathe on untouched beaches, Kandıra Cebeci Beach offers you these opportunities. The coastal areas, which have a potential visitor, increase the number of visitors especially during the summer. One of the points you can visit during your holiday in Kocaeli, Turkey.


Gayret Ship Museum: Gayret Ship, which has been used as a museum since 1997, will experience an extraordinary experience by visiting a warship and learning about it. You can add a list of places to visit in Kocaeli, Turkey.


Evliya Çelebi Road: This road, which was established to commemorate Evliya Çelebi in the 400th anniversary of his birth, is known as a route through which this Reverend traveled during his journey through Mecca. This road, which Evliya Çelebi mentioned in his Seyahatname, became a different area where the sightseeing routes were translated and the natural beauties of Kocaeli were presented. List of places to see in Kocaeli, Turkey.


Ayazma Spa: Ayazma Ilıcası, which is connected to Gölcük district of Kocaeli, is very important for health tourism. Ayazma Ilıcası, which is used as a health source in Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, still serves with this function. Considered to be healing for many diseases, these Ilıcalar is a point to be evaluated in terms of health tourism. Kocaeli is a place to be found in your list of places to visit.


Kefken Pink Rocks: Kefken Pink Rocks, which has the appearance of a fishing village, is known by this name because of its surroundings and unusual pink colors. Especially in the summer periods, it is the place where people want to follow the natural beauties in the natural beauties of the natural beauty of Kocaeli.



Transportation in Kocaeli, Turkey



Kocaeli is a city located at the crossroads close to major cities. Therefore, all kinds of easy transportation is provided. You can come to Kocaeli by air, by road and by sea and by rail. You can easily reach the big cities such as Eskişehir and Ankara. Those who want to use the airline can prefer the nearest airport to the airport, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport and Ataturk Airport. There are regular flights from Istanbul, Ankara Turkey, Izmir, Turkey Bursa, Antalya Turkey and Eskisehir. However, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, in return for your transfer to Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Kocaeli.



Accommodation in Kocaeli, Turkey



Turkey is one of the most important industrial city, Istanbul - Izmit region welcomes thousands of visitors every year. You can find suitable hotels, hostels and hotels in Kocaeli. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies of villa holidays and holiday apartments sector, will soon be operating with Kartepe chalets, Kocaeli Vacation Rentals and Izmit Vacation Rentals.