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Istanbul (Turkey) is one of the most important commercial and cultural center located in the Marmara region of Turkey. Istanbul is one of the activities organized Degirmendere saving the cultural nature of the city "International Wood Sculpture Symposium" stop. Old houses in the old Yale neighborhood was restored, it is surrounded by houses and ancient plane trees are found that are made an amphitheater space for 600 people, at the end of the International Wood Sculpture Symposium held every year, the sculptures on display in the graded Square, the parks are of great interest.


Hamdi Bey Museum: Great Turkish museum curator and painter Osman Hamdi Bey (1842-1910) in 1884 by the western coast of the pavilion Gebze Eskihisar, resimh me, were built in the boathouse and outbuildings. Each entry in the table of his flower paintings 1901-1903 years worth of solid wood door in a statement. Spent his summer mansion for 26 years has drawn the most famous paintings. Made the restoration of the mansion in 1984 08.19.1987 In Osman Hamdi, which consists of reproductions of the brain various artifacts, family photographs and objects are exhibited in the museum has been used.


Floating Museum (effort Ship): May 10, 1946 year made by the United States aboard the USA was given the name of Everson. Everson participated in the Korean and Vietnam wars. 11 In July 1973 USA Everson ship; Panama, Puerto Rico, by visiting the Azores and Spain made the transition to the Turkish port of Naval Command was given the name TCG effort. TCG effort in 1975 - has participated in many national and NATO exercises in 95 years. 5 in May 1995, has been kept in Poyraz Port of ships. In January 1997 Golcuk Naval Command, Istanbul Governorship and Floating Art Gallery and Museum was made by the Izmit Metropolitan Municipality. On 13 August 1997 after restoration work on the museum where currently located (the marina construction as well - Izmit station in front was introduced. Visiting Hours: 08:30 to 16:30 Visit the open day: every day except Monday. 


Pond Maritime Museum: puddles Maritime Museum on March 12, 1976 has been established to reflect a summary of Turkish Naval History. Sea Martyrs museum built around the Monolith; environment in which events occur putting out all aspects of past events with various aspects of identifying it, to benefit from the results, henceforth attempted to every job without deducting their past mistakes, to find ways to make the best and most successful, an educational purpose of the shepherd is arranged. In addition, the museum has been located in a large way to commemorate the martyrs of our integral parts of our maritime history. On the museum organized as two galleries, the partitions are listed in chronological order according to centuries. Historical Sites Gültepe Necropolis Area Uctepeler Great Tumulus Otag of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror Clock Tower Castles.


Eskihisar Castle: At the beach, in the northeast of the village of Eskihisar, steep slopes is made in the Byzantine period in order to protect the harbor on a hill, decorated with brick walls. For many years, some parts of the castle, which in recent years has been restored adrift.


Clock Tower: Izmit neighborhood Gulab Ataturk statue in the Hunting Lodge is located between the city's characteristic Clock Tower, the Izmit's Governor Musa Kazim Bey, the Sultan II. Abdul Hamid was built for the 25th anniversary of accession to the throne.


Mansions Izmit Palace: (Abdulaziz Hunting Lodge) is located next to the railway in the north of the clock tower. It was built by Sultan Abdulaziz as hunting lodge-Qasr. During the War of Independence, Ataturk staying here for a while in the building and met with the French writer Claude Ferara. Date of 28/06/1967 was opened as a museum. The two-storey, built in baroque style, is a structure surrounded by marble columns facade. Marble quarries are reminded, for example, consists of a small column of Dolmabahce Palace with plenty of ceiling decorations. Can come up today outside Istanbul Turkey is important to have a single palace complex.(Turkey) Istanbul was restored by the Governor's structure was damaged in the earthquake, dated August 17, 1999. Kaiser Wilhelm Pavilion: Hereke Carpet Factory remaining within the boundaries of the historic 1884 mansion German Emperor Wilhelm Kayseri, Turkey trip because of the Yıldız Palace built has been found to be mounted in three days.


Pink Pavilion: is made at the beginning of the 20th century. Izmit (Turkey) up in the market; three-story, brick, guillotine windows mansion was restored by the Governor. Wood during repairs inside and outside (cabinets, windows, etc.) are arranged in such a way as to preserve the original. Cafe, hairdresser with Pink Pavilion, organized as the Provincial House and was opened to public.


Blacksmiths Mansion: Gebze mansion in the village blacksmith, 19th century. The most successful examples of Ottoman architecture. Kocaeli(Turkey) within the pen in terms of architectural style embellishments and is the only surviving example of its kind in the province.


Old Governor's Mansion: Izmit Kozluk is in the neighborhood, Governor's Mansion and Treasurer including the adjacent housing consists of two separate structures. Made in the first half of the 20th century mansion, Administration Directorate has been restored. Two-storey building that reflects the architectural style of the Republican era, the museum director and the province's services are used today.


Sirripasa Mansion: Izmit Haji Hasan Quarter New Fountain in the street. The second half of the 19th century was built by Izmit(Turkey) Governor Sirripasa. Mansion garden wall is decorated with antique statues and architectural pieces. Structure is an important historical treasures of the city today surviving example of 19th century civil architecture consists of garden wall in the archaeological works in pen and embellishments.


Izmit Train Station: Station Administration Building with Warehouse building, Neo-Classical style, was built by the Germans in the years 1908-1920 by Italian stonemasons. Therefore, these two buildings were registered, especially in terms of showing the characteristics of the stone period architectural and artistic elements in the templates as one of the few buildings in the province.


Mosques: Theological Schools Orhan Mosque is situated on a hill overlooking the Izmit Orhan neighborhood. Mosque was built by the first time in the 13th century Orhan Gazi Suleyman Pasa. Abdulmecit repaired structure has survived until today as the earliest mosques in Izmit Turkey.


Fevziye Mosque: Gulab District, the mosque on the second half of the 16th century Izmit Freedom Street was built by Mehmet. Completely destroyed in the 1884 earthquake, instead of the current mosque is built.


Pertevpasa Complex: Izmit city's surviving works from the collection of the most important architectural works of the new Friday Street listed on either side. The complex was built by Mimar Sinan in the 16th century. Bath Madrasa Mosque, the Caravanserai and Aşhane occurred.


Istanbul: Yavuz Sultan Selim and Suleyman the Magnificent of the queen was built in Gebze by Mustafa Pasha. Mimar Sinan in the 16th century and was built by the architect as a range of complex Persian Ali. Mosques, khans, tabhane, pasha rooms, hanikah, soup kitchens, school, library, has set an example to the bath and then self-built community structure resulting from the tomb complex.


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