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Vacation in Mus TURKEY


Geogrepy: It is located in Up Murat -Van part in East Anatolia Redgion at Mush.The most important water of Mush is Murat and Karasu rivers.The lakes of province are Hachli,Great Hamurpet,Small Hamurpet and Kaz.There continental climate and the plant sorts are step,pasture grasses and oak forests. Climate: There is hard and continental climate generally at East Anatolia Region in Mush. History: History of Mush has been known before Urartus. After collapsing of Urartu King local people had not been existed.There seen culture of Persian King.It was totally changed after spreading Chiristianity.There spreading Turk-Islamic culture after Turk dominance.The Malazgirt War was inside border of Mush. There seen also Turkmen civilization. Ottoman period , Mush was dominance of Tribes and Beys. What can we eat in Mush: Mush has a rich kitchen. With effect of husbandry animal the meat meals so famous in region.The basic meals of Mush: patties (weeks post), tomato stuffed cabbage (Kelem stuffed), hez (hasut) stuffed, shorts, keskek, cavbelek. What can we buy from Mush: There are rugs, kilims, felt, straw knitting, the boncuk lace and sock knitting the traditional crafts. Mush Traveling Places Mosques and Madrasahes Mush, a city where a combination of religion and culture for centuries in Anatolia. You can come to a church just ahead of Mardin while visiting a mosque. Making the city home to many historic places of worship. Sheikh Quick Mosque, Cotton Mosque, Reyhaniye Mosque, Latifiye Mosque, Malik Mahmud Mosque, Kiziltepe Grand Mosque, Mardin Ulu Mosque, victorious Madrasah, Kasımiye Madrasah, Shah Sultan Madrasah, Malik Mansur Madrasa, Savur Gate Theological School, Altunboga Madrasah, Şehidiye Madrasa, well known to madrasa, Hatuniye Madrasa, the most important examples of these structures Chain Islam madrasa. Churches, Monasteries: Mush has been one of the most important centers of Christianity in Asia Minor. Over the centuries have lived and continue to live in the same neighborhoods Christians with Muslims. Mardin, many churches and monasteries are still standing. These include Deyrülzefer Monastery, Mor Gabriel Monastery, Forty Church, Mor Yakup Church, Mor Mikhail Church, İzozoel Church, Mor Joseph Church, Mor Evgeni Monastery, Purple Circis Monastery, see Moran Dimethyl monastery you what we recommend. Castles: Among the most visited places by Mush guests "Eagle's Nest" as it is known there Mardin Castle. The other castles you can see in Mardin Castle Anzavur, Marin Merdis Castle, Castle and Rabbat Fafih Castle, history lovers are hungry for our doors. Bazaars: Mush is one of your most enjoyable trip will stop in Mush Bazaars. You can see traditional crafts products and urban artisans can also get a pleasant conversation with your loved ones gifts that you can browse in the marketplace. Mush is the most visited bazaars Kayseriyye (from Bezes alias) and Revaklı Bazaar. Mush Houses: Mush mentioned, many of the images that appear in our eyes Houses of Mardin. A city famous for its maintenance in this traditional stone houses. Mush can see during your trip to anywhere in the house. An important detail about the Mush Houses following: stone houses in the center was declared an urban conservation area in 1979.