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Vacation in Ordu TURKEY



Ordu Province is a province of Turkey, located on the Black Sea coast. Its adjacent provinces are Samsun to the northwest, Tokat to the southwest, Sivas to the south, and Giresun to the east. Its traffic code is 52. The capital of the province is the district of Altınordu.Ordu is a strip of Black Sea coast and the hills behind, historically an agricultural and fishing area and in recent years, tourism has seen an increase, mainly visitors from Russia and Georgia, as Ordu boasts some of the best beaches, rivers, and lush, green mountains on the Black Sea coast. Walking in the high pastures is now a popular excusrion for Turkish holidaymakers. Ordu is famous for hazelnuts. Turkey as a whole produces about 70 percent of the world's hazelnuts, and over 50 percent of those come from Ordu Turkey. The recent drop in hazelnut prices however have led farmers to supplement their income with honeybees. The higher altitudes are covered in forest. Melet river, Bolaman river, Fatsa river, Cevizdere stream, Curi stream and Bağdere stream are main rivers of the Ordu province and Gaga lake is the only lake of the city. Mostly Chepni Turks and other Oguz Turks live here and the province is home to a minority of Ceveneburi Georgians. In recent decades many people from Ordu(Turkey) have migrated away to jobs in Istanbul, Bursa, Samsun, Sakarya or abroad.



Traveling Places of Ordu Turkey



Gaga Lake: You can add this beautiful natural Ordu Fatsa's place to your trip programme.You can walk around lake. 


Hoynat Island: It is border of Ramazan Village .There are a lot of gulls and cormorant birds in lake. It announced '' Important Bird Area'' by Turkey Nature Association.


Ordu Ulugol:You can add this place to your trip programme with its beautiful air and camping oppurtunity. 


Yason Nose: You can discover where doing divering and water sports.Afte this place you should go to Kadinlar Yokush,Turnasu Valley and Bolaman Castle. 


Turnasu Valley: Color of the language, the mixture of wonderful sounds of the beautiful sounds of nature and River on only if you want to enjoy a walk discovery request Turnasuyu Valley ready to give you more. You just leave yourself to this wonderful cross the arms of nature.


Melet River: Northward flowing river in the region are historical works; Konacık Kalekoy Castle Rock Tombs and add it to your guide here.Trips different beautiful, historic building at the same time to see where you can taste and fish pie. Meletti flowing river amidst lush greenery love to visit. A separate appeal winning historical value there are many places to visit in this river. Meanwhile your route later on in the woman's Slope, you can turn to Bolaman Castle and Turnasuyu Valley.


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