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With its population of around 750 thousand, it is a beautiful city which is adjacent to Samsun, Tokat, Sivas and Giresun Turkey. Ordu is a sea town with 150 km long Black Sea coastline and deep blue waters. Parallel to the shores of the mountains in the splendor of the city, surrounded by lush nature areas and rich flora of the city is a natural beauty Ordu. Ordu, which has a great potential in the field of tourism, increases the number of tourists visiting the city every day with the increase of its promotions. Trabzon(Turkey), Rize(Turkey), Artvin(Turkey), such as Highland Tourism, which stands out in the area of ​​the city, with many beautiful beauties on the plateau of nature offers an ideal place to feel. Boztepe, which is one of the most remarkable points of Ordu, is in a tremendous position that offers views of the city below your feet. The Italian tourists who visited this area were surprised by what they saw and compared the city to Italian cities. Ordu is the epitome of tolerance and friendliness with its high quality and cultured people. The city has many unique foods. One of them is Ordu Pidesi. Ordu prawns with a delicious taste that you can't taste anywhere, is a taste you should try in your visit. Ordu with extraordinary cuisine, Ordu Toast is trying to announce the world. The delicious Ordu Toast, which the ministers want to buy again, adds different tastes to the palates. And Ordu has a Marine Freezer. The world famous ice cream companies offer great money to learn the formula of this business has not accepted it, the city for those who visit their products by offering their ice cream continues to produce magnificent flavors. Ordu continues its efforts to provide convenience to its guests who want to come to the city with their breakthroughs in transportation. You can reach the center of the city by following the Black Sea coastal road. In addition, Ordu Airport, which is under construction and finalized, will be opened in a few months and transportation to the city will be very easy. Ordu is a coastal city. It is like a shining star in the Black Sea. With its dozens of spaces sprinkled along the coast, it always shines brightly and expects its valued guests to discover. Ordu has taken the title of Metropolitan with the new regulations and continues its progress towards becoming a favorite city progressing with its meticulousness in all areas. It has a variety of historical places to visit in Ordu. In the back pages of the history, different civilizations were found in the city and they left their works to date. We recommend you to visit this quaint city of the deep blue sea with its nature, history and delicious extraordinary cuisine. We have listed the attractions of Ordu for you as follows:




Traveling Places in Ordu, Turkey



Ordu Boztepe

It is an ideal point where you can watch the panoramic view of the city in the most spectacular way. Boztepe, which is important for the Province of Ordu, looks at the center of the city from a beautiful angle and offers both sea and city silhouettes in a magnificent way. In the center of the city there is a ropeway line which has been serving on the beach for about 5 years. You can reach Boztepe by a very nice 6-minute cable car ride, where you can spend time in cafes and restaurants and then you can come down to the shore by following the city in the same way. You can also go to Boztepe easily by road. However, we strongly recommend that you take off this extraordinary ropeway tour. You can put Boztepeyi at the top of Ordu's tours.


Ordu Beaches

The heart of Ordu City is one of the most beautiful beaches of our country where the light shines through the blue sea. You can go to the coastal stroll in the army holiday and enjoy the souls of the Black Sea, accompanied by exquisite views of the mountains stretching to the shores. Ordu is one of the places you must visit.


Yasun Burnu

Yason Burnu, located in 10 km away from the center of Ordu, is a natural harbor. A Greek ship built in the 2nd century BC by the hurricane waters of the Black Sea, built a church in the region. In the position of Yason Burnu, some seafarers examined the remains of a sinking ship. You can add Yason Burnu to your list of places to visit in Ordu, Turkey.


Bolaman Castle

This historical structure belonging to the period of Pontus Greek Empire is located in Fatsa district of Ordu. You can visit this historical place of Bolaman and try the unique tastes of Bolaman's cuisines with different tastes. Bolaman Castle, which has witnessed its history; It is a beautiful example of the historical places of Ordu, Turkey.


 Hoynat Island

It is a protected area because it is the only area where endangered cormorants are nesting. Hoynat Island is also one of the two islands in the Black Sea. Hoynat Island is a popular destination for those who want to experience an extraordinary trip. It is a beautiful example of Ordu's natural beauties.


Ordu Cambasi Spring 

Ordu Çambaşı Plateau, which was declared as a Highland Tourism Center by the Ministry of Tourism in 1991, is the biggest plateau of our country. With its oxygen tank air and the height you can touch the clouds, you will enter into a different atmosphere, with ice-cold flowing waters, which will relax you and relax your soul. Particularly during the summer, the region which has a festive scene adds taste to its taste. Chambasi Plateau, one of the best examples of Ordu's natural beauty, deserves to be on your list of places to visit in Ordu.


Pasaoglu Mansion And Ethnograpy Museum

The Pashaoglu Mansion, which was one of the oldest buildings of the army with its most elegant architecture, was built in 1896 and with its fine workmanship it took the last period architectural features of Ottoman. Nowadays, it serves as a museum where many kinds of cultural values ​​are exhibited and it will be an ideal sightseeing stop where you can see both the building structure and the cultural elements of the city of Ordu. You can watch the history of the Ethiopian Museum and Pashakonagi possible Ordu Holiday; There will be another place to be seen in Ordu.


Ordu Ulugol

It is a magnificent natural area where green and blue are synthesized. Ulugol gives a feeling of strolling in heaven with its full colors and takes another atmosphere with the festivities held in July. Ulugol is a lake with a very deep depth. Ulugöl, which is one of the best examples of Ordu's natural beauty, should definitely be found in your list of places to visit in the Army.


Golkoy Castle

The castle, which has a view of the lush forests as a table, is the only region in Ordu that has never been captured and has not been occupied. Golkoy Castle is an architectural work of the 3rd century. It is one of the most visited places in the city by local and foreign tourists. Places to visit in Ordu is one of the historical places of the Army.


Gaga Lake

Gaga Lake, located in the town of Fatsa in Ordu, is a nature tour stop with rich vegetation and carrying nature beauties in which there are dozens of bird species. Gaga Lake, which is a magnificent example of the natural beauty of Ordu, must be in your list of places to visit in Ordu.


Asarkaya National Park

The Asarkaya National Park in Unye district of Ordu contains the natural beauties of nature. You can make sightseeing tours in the park and discover various endemic plant species. You should definitely have a list of places to see in Ordu.


Turnasuyu Valley

The region with an untouched virgin atmosphere is located in the center of Ordu Province. It has a hiking trail of about 60 kilometers and is one of the favorite places for explorer-spirited nature travelers. If you do not complete the course, it will be an ideal stop for a short stroll. Places to visit in Ordu should be underlined in your list.



Accommodation in Ordu, Turkey



Ordu natural beauty, its geographical location is one of Turkey's thermal spas and beautiful city. There are different alternatives for accommodation in Ordu. In Ordu you can find Ordu Hotels, B & B and different accommodation in affordable conditions. In Ordu, for your daily renting and villa holidays sector, one of the leading companies in the Dream Of Holiday, Ordu Hotels, hostels and family accommodation outside of your Ordu accommodation with your family Ordu Vacation Rentals and Ordu Rental Apartments will be able to serve you in Ordu.



Transportation to Ordu, Turkey



The Province of Ordu can be easily reached by road and airway. There are regular flights from major cities such as Balikesir, Adana(Turkey), Izmir, Ankara(Turkey) and Antalya Turkey. Ordu to Giresun Airport is used for transportation by air. There are direct flights from Istanbul to 1 hour and 35 minutes. Transfer flights to the army can be about 3 hours. Ordu to Giresun Airport For your transfer needs, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer.