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Vacation in Sakarya TURKEY



First Times: It is known that there were Bitinyas and Byzantanians. The most important historical work is Beshkopru that was built by II.Justisian. Other thing, for searching of scientist Sakarya River was a city some eras before.Sakarya is most important turism center of Marmara Region. The lakes , rich forestes ,plataues,valley and canyons , hot and drink water sources are most important things of Sakarya(Turkey).There were Bithieans,K,mmers,Lidyas,Persians,Romans, Byzantanians,And Ottoman. The climate of Sakarya takes it from Marmara and Black Sea Region.The winter is rainy and cold , summer is warm.




Traveling Places of Sakarya




Historical Structures: If you want to travel Sakarya(Turkey) you will meet a lot of historical buildings.Rehime Sultan Mosque, Sapanca Rustempasha Mosque, Hasanfehmipasha Mosque, Sheyhmuslihiddin Mosque,Yunuspasha Mosque,II.Beyazid Bridge,Beshkopru,Pashalar Castle, Seyifler Castle,Harmantepe Castle are from Ottoman period.


Museums: There are Sakarya Museum,Deprem Museum and Kuvai Millie Museum in Sakarya(Turkey) that you can add to your trip programme.


Natural Beauties: There are a lot of natural beauties those are Inonu Plataue,Sapanja Cigdem Plataue,Karagol Plataue,Sapanja Lake, Poyrazlar Lake ,Ajarlar Longoz,Sakarya River,Maden Creek.


Thermals: Thermal tourism also has a spa center as well as a pleasant holiday where you can find both healing in Sakarya, a sophisticated city. These include the Sakarya Scratching Akyazı Kuzuluk Springs Thermal Resort and the most popular ones.


Nearby Locations: Sakarya of the first places that come to mind with the mention of slings by the absolute must-see place in this city. Natural beauty, as well as Sapanca Kırkpınar with fresh air and sights, Istanbul, Maşukiye and Derbent fans beauty of the places you will be staying.