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Information Of Sakarya, Turkey



Sakarya - Adapazarı, which has a population of around 980 thousand, is one of our magnificent cities in the Marmara Region and home to many natural beauties that are neighboring to Izmit(Turkey), (Turkey)Bursa, Bolu Turkey, Bilecik(Turkey) and Duzce. Sakarya, located in the Catalca - Kocaeli section of the Marmara Region, is known especially for the nok Sakarya Challenge Battle t which is the breaking point during the War of Independence. The history of Sakarya goes back hundreds of years. The city, where many historical and cultural monuments are located, has entered the field of cultural tourism. Besides, Sakarya has the most beautiful corners of our country with its beauty beauties. Sapanja region, which is frequently preferred by nature travelers, is located within the borders of this province. If we look at the economy of Sakarya, we see that the industry is in the process of development. Economic activities continue especially in agricultural areas. The positive result of this is that Sakarya's nature remains intact. In addition to its natural beauties, Sakarya also contains many historical monuments from the period of Ottoman Empire. Rahime Sultan Mosque, Sapanca Rustempasa Mosque, Hasanfehmipasa Mosque, Seymuslihiddin Mosque, Yunuspaşa Mosque, II. Beyazid Bridge, Beşköprü, Paşalar Castle, Seyifler Castle, Harmantepe Castle Historical Places are among the good examples. We have listed the most outstanding places to visit in Sakarya as follows:



Traveling Places in Sakarya, Turkey




Sapanca And Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake, which is approximately 16 kilometers in length, was connected to Izmit Bay in the past by a thin water line. Located in Sapanca district of Adapazari, this huge area hosts thousands of guests every year. The lake, which contains dozens of fish species such as carp, broadcast, pike and trout, provides its sources from the snow waters coming from the mountains. Sapanca is a famous holiday resort with springs. Cigdem plateau, Katırözü plateau, Sogucak plateau, Sultanpinar plateau, Karagol Plateau and the Guzlek plateaus are among the most demanded. Apart from these important plateaus, you should also add Istanbul Dere, Vecihi Gate, Aygır Creek and Kırkpınar to your list of places to see in Sapanca. If you want to have a quiet holiday and rest your soul, we recommend you to place Sapanca Lake on your list of places to visit in Sakarya, Turkey.


Maden's Leather

Mine Creek which has a charming atmosphere with its green nature is located in Karasu district of Sakarya. Being one of the most important places in Sakarya's natural beauties, Maden Deresi welcomes foreign tourists in addition to domestic tourists in recent years. This region, which is preferred by the people of Kocaeli and Istanbul especially on weekends, will be a good choice for your list of places to see in Sakarya, Turkey.


Kuzuluk Thermal Springs

Kuzuluk Thermal Springs is a magnificent sightseeing point where you can have a peaceful Sakarya holiday. Kuzuluk Thermal Springs, which has been healing since the Seljuk period, is located in Akyazı district of Sakarya. There are also thermal treatment centers in the region where you can find plenty of relaxation and healing in Sakarya holidays.


Acarlar Langozu

Acarlar Longozu, the world's second tallest, means the submerged forest. When you visit the Acarlar Langozu, which is located in the Karasu district of Sakarya, you can witness the unique natural beauties in the region where you can see the sea and the forest together with the enormous natural synthesis. Acarlar Langozu, a great example of Sakarya's natural beauty, should be added to your list of places to see in Sakarya, Turkey.


Sakarya Tarakli Thermal and Tourism Center

The thermal center installed in an area where all the colors of nature are located is a very important health tourism center with its clean air and healing waters. Rheumatism, joint, chronic low back pain, skin diseases, acne, neuralgia and nervous system disorders is a valuable place. Sakarya's attractions are a great option for your list.


Inonu Plateau 

One of these locations where nature lovers often prefer and camp around, Inönü Plateau welcomes visitors among the pleasant scents of Pine and Oak trees. You can add Inonu Plateau, which is located between Adapazari and Pamukova borders, to Adapazari's sightseeing spots.


Cigdem Plateau

Cigdem Plateau, which has a natural habitat, is 20 km away from the town of Sapanca in Sakarya. Every year in July you should have a place to visit in Sakarya or Sapanca Turkey.


Karagol Plateau

Karagol Plateau has a special place among the highlands of the Black Sea with its natural wonders. With wooden architectural structures, accommodation points were brought to the region without damaging the beauty of the region. Sakarya holiday will be an ideal center for nature tour.


Poyrazs Lake 

It is one of the best places to get away from busy city life and rest your soul. Poyrazlar Lake and its surroundings are 10 km away from Adapazarı, which also offers a camping site. This natural area where you will travel with the sounds of the birds is among the most visited places of Sakarya. It is a beautiful natural wonder for your list of places to visit in Adapazari, Turkey.


Sakarya River

The river which extends towards Sakarya by taking its sources from the waters of our country's Bayat Plateau in Afyon has the feature of being the 3rd biggest river in our country. The river, where there are many kinds of fish, also holds an important place in terms of fishing. We recommend the Sakarya River, an excellent example of Sakarya's natural beauty, for your list of places to see in Sakarya, Turkey.


Geyve Ali Fuat Pasha Kuvayi Milliye Museum

The museum opened its doors to its visitors in 1989 and is a remarkable museum with dozens of works by Kuvayi Milliye. You should definitely see this work that sheds light on the history of Sakarya.



Transportation in Sakarya, Turkey



The transportation to Sakarya province in the Marmara Region is quite simple. You can reach Adapazari by Rail and Highway; There are regular flights from Izmir, Ankara(Turkey)Canakkale, Yalova, Antalya(Turkey) and Eskisehir Turkey. You can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for your daily tour needs in Sakarya Transfer, Sakarya. Adapazari You can use Istanbul Ataturk Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport for your air transportation. Istanbul Ataturk Airport is 170 km away and Sabiha Gokcen Airport is 110 km away. You can get detailed information from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for transfer to Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Sakarya or to Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Sakarya transfers.



Accommodation in Sakarya, Turkey



Adapazari - Sakarya region, which is the pearl of Marmara Region, welcomes thousands of local and foreign guests every year. As you can find Sakarya Hotels and Adapazari guest houses in Sakarya holidays, you can find Apart and Villa rental options especially in Sapanca and Karasu districts. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leaders of Rental Apartments and Villa Holidays sector, we are serving in Sapanca Rental Villas. Very soon Sakarya Vacation Rentals and Adapazari Vacation Rentals, Sakarya Centrum, Adapazari and Karasu regions.