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Sinop, which is adjacent to Kastamonu Turkey, Corum, Samsun with its population of around 205 thousand, is famous for its castles and shipyards. In the ancient times, it has had intense commercial and cultural life. The city, formerly known as 'Sinope', was founded by Sinope, one of the nymphs of Asopos, the god of the river mentioned in Greek mythology. Sinop, which is the most important port city of the region called aya Paflagonya "in ancient times, continues to play an important role with its sea and its development in trade which has been occurring since antiquity. Scientists and scientists such as Diogenes, Necmettin Erbakan, Osman Pamukoğlu, Ahmet Şimşirgil are among the famous celebrities of Sinop. Sinop City, which offers natural beauty to its guests with its green forests and beaches, is home to the most beautiful forests and picnic areas of the Black Sea such as Artvin(Turkey), Rize(Turkey) and Trabzon Turkey. In the history of Sinop, which dates back to a long time, the city has lost nothing of its enormous natural beauty, despite the reign of the Hittite Empire, the Phrygians, the Lydians, the Persians, the Selevkes, the Romans, the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuk State, the Principality of Candaroglu, and the Ottoman Empire. Nowadays, as well as the lush nature, with clear sea in the coastal city centers in Turkey, which is also one of the rare cities that can swim. Of course, the most important reason why Sinop's Sea remains untouched is undoubtedly that Sinop's Industry is scarce. The city of 'Ceziretül - Ussak' attracts thousands of visitors every year as it is home to many fascinating natural beauties within its borders. Although there are no 5 star hotels in Sinop, Sinop Guest Houses and Sinop Guest Houses are far above the standards. When you turn your route for Holiday in the city, which is the pearl of the Black Sea, you will have dozens of alternatives to visit. Hamsilos Bay, Inaltı Cave, Erfelek Waterfall, Sinop Castle, Sinop Prison, which is one of the important historical places to be visited, we have also compiled a part of the places we admire for you;



Traveling Places Of Sinop, Turkey



Castle of Sinop 

M.Ö.7. century was built to protect the city. It was used during the Seljuk Empire, the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. Some of this place in the history of Sinop preserves its originality. In addition, the fortress has two entrance gates. Sinop Castle, which sheds light on Sinop's history, we recommend to have your list of places to visit in Sinop, Turkey.


Inceburun Lighthouse 

It can be reached via the Ayburik road, which is approximately 20 km away from Sinop. It is interesting that the lantern, which was built in 1863, has been living in a family for many years. The tower has a height of 12 meters. due to take place at the northernmost tip of Turkey, it has been one of the most important lighthouses in the country. You can have the unusual lantern on the coastline, in a flat area, in your Sinop List of Places to See.


Inalti Cave

The cave is 1070 meters above sea level. It is 40 km to the Ayancık district of Sinop. It can be reached by car up to 50 meters. The remaining part is climbed by stairs. İnaltı Cave contains stalactites, stalagmites, columns, dripstones and dripstone pools. Inaltı Cave, with its magnificent view, fascinates visitors. There is also a beautiful coffeehouse in front of the cave. In short, do not leave the Inaltı Cave before seeing Sinop Holidays.


Erfelek Waterfalls 

The Erfelek Waterfall, which has a great view with its greenery and scenery, has been receiving quite a few visitors in recent years as mountain and nature tourism. Erfelek Waterfall, which is a great example of Sinop's natural beauties, rose to important places in the Black Sea tours. One of the places to see in Sinop is Tatlıca Waterfalls. There are trout, ice-cold water and 28 small-size waterfalls. The number of visitors who come to see this magnificent natural wonder is quite a lot.


Historical Sinop Prison 

This prison was the largest shipyard in the Black Sea. The interior of the castle is built into the old shipyard. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid being a prison property. Although there is no definitive document, Nazim Hikmet Ran, Refik Halit Karay, Mustafa Suphi, Ahmet Bedevi Kuran, Refii Cevat, Hüseyin Hilmi, Burhan Felek, Osman Cemal Kaygılı, Celal Zühtü Benneci, Sebahattin Ali, Kerim Korcan, Osman Deniz and Zekeriya Sertel. Sinop prison also found that the poets and writers of Turkey's best-known prison is presently at the museum was opened to tourism. Sinop Prison, which is the most known historical place of Sinop History, should definitely put Sinop's places on your list.


Sinop Akgöl 

This lake, which is 1200 meters high, is in a quite suitable position for picnicking and trekking in the forest. Sinop Akgol is a point that nature and adventure enthusiasts should put on the list of natural beauty of Sinop, Turkey.


Babacay Canyon

In this period, where the weather is moderate, you can make a beautiful meal accompanied by greenery in this canyon, which is famous for its trails which attract the attention of nature lovers. Do not leave the city without seeing the Babacay Canyon during your visit to Sinop, Turkey.


Boyabat Rock Cemeteries 

These rock graves are the most robust building ever. Carved into limestone rocks and spreading 200 meters away. These cemeteries made by the Paflagonians are one of the historical places of Sinop which is worth seeing with column figures with lion figures and square column bases.


Hamsilos Bay

One of the most beloved places of the Black Sea, this bay is known as Hamsilos by the locals, although its original name is Hamsoros. Today, Hamsilos Bay, where fishing boats shelter in bad weather conditions, provided a port duty where warships were stored in ancient times. Hamsilos Bay is 11 km away from Sinop city center with its unique beauty during sunset. This beautiful place was formed during the Ice Age, when the Black Sea was completely frozen, while the glaciers melted. Every inch of land as a separate beauty of nature with the formation of Anatolia Cappadocia Hamsilos Bay is the only example in Turkey. Hamsilos Bay is a national park and festivals are organized in some periods. Hamsilos Bay, which is the picnic area where the people of Sinop travels frequently, is definitely one of the places to see.


Sinop Balatlar Church 

This monument, which was used as a bath in the Romans, was converted into a church in the Byzantine period and was made public in 2000. It was built on a very large area. It has a large courtyard. The church was rectangular and only the upper structure remained intact. Four rows of bricks were used on all the walls of the church, which is a good example of the Byzantine construction technique. We recommend that you also put the Balatlar Church in your Sinop historical sites list.


Sinop Mobil and Korucuk Village

If you want to swim in Sinop, you should first prefer the mobile and Korucuk Village which is calm and bed linen with its unique sandy beach which is good for many diseases.


Karakum Beach 

This region attracts everyone's attention with its untouched beauties and tranquil beach, 3 km from the center. With the explosion of volcano in the Boztepe Peninsula, the black color created by ash and sands at the bottom of the sea has added a different beauty to the beach.


Sinop Akliman 

Being a picnic area, 9 km from the city center, Akliman is very important for its long and seaworthy beach. This is a great place to enjoy your holiday in Sinop. You should put Sinop's places on your list.


Boyabat Castle 

It is located in Boyabat district of Sinop. It was founded on a hill in the Gokirmak Valley. Roman and Byzantine ruins are found. Boyabat Castle was built with the materials suitable for the natural structure of the rocks. The present form of the fortress was built in the time of Osmanoğulları.


Pasha Tabyalari 

3 km away from the province of Sinop Nisi Village. This place was built in the 19th century as a police station to protect its hometown. There are architectures belonging to the Ottoman period. Two floors were built. Inside, soldiers' wards, arsenal, ball nests, trenches and stone-built walls were built.


Historical Madrasah 

The madrasah in the city center of Sinop was built by the Seljuk Vizier Suleyman Propeller. Pervane Madrasah was named after it. The madrasa built in the name of the second time of the city in 1262, has a rectangular plan. There is an octagonal fountain in the middle of the courtyard. There are ten small rooms, each with a foyer and windows overlooking the exterior. You must put the Medrese, which has witnessed the history of Sinop, in your list of places to visit in Sinop.


Seyit Bilal Hazretleri Tomb 

It is in the center of Sinop province. It was built in 1280. Surrounded by a lattice, it is a wooden bookcase. There are 1 large, 1 small and 2 medium cisterns in the tomb. Seyit Bilal Hazretleri Mausoleum, which has been in Sinop history for many years, is worth seeing.




Transportation to Sinop, Turkey



Sinop is one of Turkey's beautiful cities, Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Bursa(Turkey), Izmir, Antalya(Turkey), Erzurum Turkey is organized as regular bus service. You can reach the airport via Sinop Airport. Sinop Airport is just 8 km from Sinop. You can get further information from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for transfer to Sinop Airport. You can use Sinop Port in Sinop Center for your transportation to Sinop. One of the important port city of Sinop, Turkey, a Medcruis has been included in the network, welcomes you to the world famous cruise ships.




Accommodation in Sinop, Turkey



With its tremendous nature and historical texture, Sinop Hotels, Guest houses and pensions are available for you to stay in Sinop which is one of the charming provinces of the Black Sea region. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies of Holiday House Rental and Villa Holidays sector, will be serving Sinop and its surroundings with Sinop Vacation Rentals, Guest House and Sinop Rental Houses for rent soon.