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Vacation in Tunceli TURKEY



Tunceli is located in East Anatolai Region in Up of Firat. It is covered with Munzur Mountions from North and West, Bingol and Peri Waterfrom East and Keban Baragge Lake from south.There were a lot of civilization as in Anatolia.Pertke Castle and Munzur Valley National Park value to see that came from middle age to our modern day.


The settlements of Tunceli Turkey: Tunceli center, chemishgezek,Hozat,Mazgirt, Nazimie, Ovajik,Pertek and Pulumur.There are 8 district,2 waistes, and 342 villages in Tunceli. History Dersim is name of that area not Tunceli Turkey. The old name of Tunceli is Mamekie.This name was changed in 25 December 1935 with Tunjeli law. The regional name of Tunceli is Dersim,Desim or Kalan.



Traveling Places of Tunceli Turkey



Sivdin Bridge: There is not a lot knowledges of this bridge and located in Chemisgezek district.It is over Kara creek and formed just one belt.You have to add this place to your trip programme.


Tahar Bridge: It is located over Tahar River and was built in 1807 by Yusuf Ziya Pasha.Total length 55 metres ,height is 9 metres of Bridge.It is restoreted in 1856 by Akif Pasa.


Goktepe Tumulus: Goktepe village has not been a comprehensive research and analysis on the mound is located 500 meters south. For this reason, there is much about. Mound soil is achieved way. 


Cemisgezek Castle: The castle is only a small part of the wall remains, date of construction is not known exactly where and by whom. Tahir rubble and cut stone during the construction of a fort on the hill located near the creek seems to be used.


Mahsu to Hatun Mausoleum: One of the buildings in the historic district of Tunceli Pertek Mahsun Hatun Mausoleum, by whom, due to the absence of inscriptions and there is no precise information on what year was made. Located around with other shrines have the same architecture. For this reason the other shrines examined Mahsun Hatun Mausoleum XV. or XVI. century is estimated to be made.



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