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Information Of Tunceli, Turkey



With a population of around 80 thousand in the Eastern Anatolia Region Tunceli Population and Erzincan(Turkey), Elazig, Bingol is adjacent to a historical province. For years, together with Artvin Turkey, is one of the province's literacy rate is much higher than in Turkey. Tunceli, which stands out with its more natural and historical buildings, has become one of the centers of cultural tourism with the valuable works it has produced as a result of the restoration works done over time. You can witness many historical monuments and historical places within the boundaries of Tunceli province, since the time of Tunceli has been a long time since ancient times. In recent years, with the introduction of the region, the region has announced itself more to the sector and the number of tourists coming to the city has increased noticeably. Tunceli is not very developed in terms of industry, but the good result is that it preserves its natural beauty. We listed the prominent sightseeing stops in Dersim for you:



Traveling Places in Tunceli, Turkey



Sivdin Bridge

It is located on the Decision Creek. Sivdin Bridge, which has a history of about 800 years, is a visitable point in Tunceli, Turkey.


Goktepe Mound

The Goktepe Mound, which is located in the Mazgirt district of Tunceli, contains many historical remains. You should definitely keep this region that has shed light on the history of Tunceli in your list of places to visit in Tunceli, Turkey.


Cemisgezek Castle 

Cemisgezek Castle, which was built by using rubble and cut stone, remains a part of our day as a result of the damages it took in the previous periods. We recommend you to see this work in the history of Tunceli, Turkey.


Bagin Castle

The castle, which has a history of 2100 years, was built in ancient times by the King of Urartu, Menuas. This important historical place in the history of Tunceli is reached by stairs and is among the points of interest of Tunceli. You should place the Bağın Fortress, which has an important place among the historical places of Tunceli, in your list of places to see in Tunceli, Turkey.


Uzun Hasan Tomb

Uzun Hasan Tomb, located in Çemişgezek district, stands on a rock and stands out with its fine workmanship architecture. It is very easy to reach the region and it is a place to visit in Tunceli, Turkey.


Munzur Valley and National Park 

The region, which is the living space of tens of animals, is carefully protected. Munzur Valley, which is a source of healing in its endemic plants, is a good example of the natural beauties of Tunceli, Turkey.




Mazgirt Castle

Mazgirt Castle, which is a monument belonging to Urartu civilization, is a historical place which should be added to the list of places to visit in Tunceli with its robustness that has reached to our day. Windmills from the centuries ago can be seen at the top of the castle. In addition, the city views are among the most ideal spots to watch. You should also add Mazgirt Castle to your list of places to see in Tunceli, Turkey.




Transportation to Tunceli, Turkey



It is possible to reach Tunceli by road and by air. By road, Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, Bursa(Turkey), Antalya Turkey, as well as metropolises, as well as almost all the city bus services, you can go to Tunceli. Those who prefer air transportation can use Elazig Airport, the nearest airport to Tunceli. It is about 120 km away. You can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for your transfer to Elazig Airport.




Accommodation in Tunceli, Turkey



Tunceli natural beauty, historical texture, Turkey's geographical location and thermal spas are one of the most beautiful cities. You will find different alternatives for accommodation in Tunceli. You can find hotels, pensions, and different accommodations in Tunceli Holidays on budget terms. Dream Of Holiday company, which is one of the leading companies of daily renting and villa holidays sector in Tunceli, will serve you in Tunceli with Tunceli Vacation Rentals and Rental Apartments where you can stay with your family outside of their hostels.