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Van is one of the largest and most populous cities in Eastern Anatolia. Van has been the capital city of Urartu Civilization since it was a settlement center, and it has been the homeland of Hurrites, Hittites, Persians, Medes, Seljuks and Ottoman cultures. Located in Agri, Siirt, Bitlis(Turkey), Sirnak and Hakkari(Turkey), Van is home to many historical sites. In recent years, Van Lake has always attracted attention with its fertile land around Lake Van which is the name of the great lake of Anatolia with its monster. Van Lake, cat, kilim, breakfast, herbaceous cheese, museum, pearl kash, savat processing, reverse tulips, Akdamar Island is known for and the "City of Castles" Van, known as the Eastern Anatolia region is an important tourism center. The old name of our city with our Tuspa the Van Province of Antalya(Turkey) and Adana in Turkey has the most sunshine hours. We have compiled the sights of Van, which has been a settlement since ancient times.



Traveling Places in Van, Turkey




Van Lake

It is a volcanic lake, which is formed by the water of the Van Sea and the crater in the crater of Mount Nemrut. Known as the surrounding beauty of the city with all sorts of Turkey's Lake Van, the largest lake, you will most enjoy during your trip is one of the attractions. Akdamar, which has historical and touristic importance in Lake Van, also houses the Dipanak, Adir and Bird Islands. This lake of natural wonders, which is famous for Van Lake Monster, is the most sodal lake in the world. You can also visit Erçek Lake in Van with the same pleasure. We recommend you to put Van's sights at the top of your list.



Akdamar Island

Akdamar Island, one of the magnificent beauties of Van; It is located to the south of Lake Van. Akdamar Island is not only the natural beauty, but also the historical Akdamar Church, also known as the Surp Harc Armenian Church. We recommend you to visit Akdamar Island, which is important for the history of Van, Turkey.



Adir Island

It is one of the islands in Lake Van. The island is renowned for its natural beauty and the Adir Church. Idır Island, Van is an important region for the beauty of nature and the history of Van.


Van Castle 

Van is one of the important places to visit during your trip. The age of the fortress dating back to the Urartian period dates back to Christ. Apart from the Van Castle which is the most important work in the history of Van, Hosap Castle, Ayanis Castle, Zernek Castle and Cavustepe Castle are also popular places for tourists. You should put these great examples of Van's Historical Places on your To-Do List.


Van Ancient City

This area, which is located in the south of the Van Fortress, has remained as a place where Turks and Armenians lived together until the First World War. There are still structures to be seen here. You should have places to see in Van, Turkey.


Van Museum

The Van Museum where the works of the Urartian period were preserved; Van is one of the places you must visit.


Van Cat House

Van Kedi Evi, which was established in Yüzüncü Yıl University to protect the generation of Van Cat, one of the symbols of Van, keeps its doors open to its visitors. A good alternative to places to visit in Van.


Van Churcles

Since Van hosts different civilizations, you can see numerous churches and mosques and historical places of Van during your trip. Akdamar Church, St. Petersburg Bartholomeus Church, Adır Island Adır Church, Çelebi Mosque, Hüsrev Pasha Mosque, Halime Hatun Dome, Suleyman Bey Dome, İkiz Dome, Galip Pasa Dome, Hasan Bey Dome are among the mosques and churches you can see in Van. You should add these places to your list of places that have shed light on the history of Van.


Van Thermal Springs

Turkey's Van is one of the most important cities by geographic location as of makes a difference in the healing waters. There are many hot springs in the province of Van. Ercis Dogancı Thermal Spring, Catak Seyh Cürüh Thermal Spring, Baskale Kelegom Thermal Spring and Baskale Dereici Thermal Spring are recommended for your list of places to visit in Van, Turkey.


Van Faire

Although it is not as popular as Cappadocia which is world-famous and welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests every year, Van Fairy Chimneys, which are the natural wonders in the Baskale district of Van, are definitely worth seeing. We recommend that you have Van's sights on your list.



Transportation to Van, Turkey



You can go to Van by road, airway and rail. There are regular bus services from cities such as Trabzon(Turkey), Mardin Turkey, Sinop(Turkey) and Kayseri Turkey. Those who wish to provide transportation by air can benefit from Van Ferit Melen Airport. There are direct or indirect flights from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey) and Izmir. Direct flights vary between 4 and 6 hours. You can use the railway station, which is 5 km away from Van Center, by rail. To meet your Van Ferit Melen Airport transfer needs, you can reach detailed information from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer.