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Vacation in Bartin TURKEY


Bartin Province, a small province in northern Turkey on the Black Sea, surrounds the city of Bartin. It lies to the east of Zonguldak Province. The town of Bartin(Turkey) contains a number of very old wooden houses in a style no longer extant in other places. Bartin province includes the ancient port town of Amasra (Amastris). This town stands on two small fortified islands and contains many interesting old buildings and restaurants. The history of the antique Parthenios city in Greek dates back to 1200 BC, when its area was inhabited by the Gasgas tribe. In the following centuries, the region had entered under the dominance of Hittites, Phrygians, Cimmerians, Lydians, Greeks, Persians and Macedonians. Later, it was part of the Roman Empire and then of the Byzantine Empire, until it fell to the Seljuk Turks and the Candaroğulları State between the 11th and the 13th centuries AD. Bartın was conquered by the Ottoman sultan Bayezid I in 1392. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Bartın was part of the Kastamonu of the Ottoman Empire. Bartın is a member of the Norwich-based European Association of Historic Towns and Regions (EAHTR).Main sights include the castle, two churches, bedesten, the Kuşkayası Road Monument and İnziva (seclusion) Cave in the city center. Sections of the ancient city like the forum, the council palace, the road of honor, the theatre, the acropolis, and a necropolis are now below the ground. The wooden Bartin houses display the architectural characteristics of the art movements after the Tanzimat Fermanı (Reforms Decree). Bartın has an oceanic climate ; with high and evenly distributed rainfall the year round. Summers are very warm and humid, and the average temperature is around 22°C in July and August. Winters are cool and damp, and the average temperature is around 4 or 5°C in January and February. Precipitation is heaviest in autumn and early winter and lightest in spring. Snowfall is quite common between the months of December and March, snowing for a week or two, and it can be heavy once it snows. The water temperature like in the whole Turkish Black Sea coast is always cool and fluctuates between 8° and 20°C throughout the year. Bart Ottoman Period When in 1402 in Ankara at the end of the war a break İsfendiyaroğlu Principality passing into the hands of Ottoman domination over the city in1460 year is reached, Bartin and the environment; Within the borders of the Ottoman Empire, was the Genoese colony of Amasra. Ensure that the Turkish troops in Anatolia, the Black Sea in the hands of the Genoese prepared the North Anatolian campaign in order to give to the trade and maritime countries, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han, the first destination Amasra, Kastamonu and Sinop .1460 Fatih Sultan on the road under the pretext of hunting Mehmet Uskudar, Mehmet Pasha Ottoman fleet under his command at the command of Kastamonu and Sinop when Bolu .Fatih movement of the sea and Candaroğulları considered Emirate continues İsfendiyaroğulları'nın Bey Ismail Bey, who continue to bildirdi.yol its commitment to sending valuables to the Sultan Fatih October Bart 'providing communication with a reporter came to the camp today kurdu.donan Orduyeri, reported that they appear in the Navy Amasra on, walking on Amasra Fatih, the Genoese Senyoru'ndan took over without bloodshed Amasra. Bartin in Republican Era In 1920, Zonguldak connected to Bartin has become the province's districts with the provinces of Zonguldak in 1924. On September 7, 1991 was the date 08.28.1991 and gained city status law No. 3760. Bartin Province in the Ottoman period, the district was reduced to parish status with the Republic district Amasra; Again in 1987, the Nation; In 1944, Kurujchale; In 1957 the district was. Bartin still central, Amasra, including 4 districts of the nation and Kurucaşile, Treatment Kozcajig 9 municipalities Abdipasha resort with sandy, and there are 262 villages


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