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Information Of Bartin, Turkey



Located in the Western Black Sea Region with a population of about 192 thousand, the city of Kastamonu, Karabuk, Zonguldak is adjacent to a cute city. There are many historical and cultural artifacts in Bartın where natural beauties are abundant. In 1991, Bartın left the province of Zonguldak and had rich forest areas. Certainly, when it comes to Bartın, Amasra comes to mind first. Amasra, which is the most important Tourism Center of Bartın, is home to enormous beauties. Of course, there are also dozens of natural beauties and historical sites belonging to the Bartin Province outside of Amasra. The city, which is located within the borders of Kure Mountains, has a distinct place with Bartın Çayı, the only tea with the ability to make transportation on it. We have listed the highlights of this quaint city for you:



Traveling Places of Bartin, Turkey



Bartin Amasra 

It is one of the corners of the Black Sea with its natural beauties and history. Amasra, the city of the Queen, and whose name was Sesamos, dates back to the ancient Scythians. Fatih Sultan Mehmed's Fountain - Cihan '' the world's pupil '' this cute city, which he certainly called without necessarily dying. Amasra, where Mother Nature has generously displayed all the beauties, welcomes tens of thousands of people every year. Osmanli Hamami, Amasra Castle, Carved Caves, Kemerdere Bridge, Içkale Masjid, Bedesten, Fatih Mosque, Antique Theater, Georgian Cave, Chauffeur Car, Kuskayasi Road Monument, those who come to our mind to see in Amasra. In addition, we recommend you to watch a bird's eye view from Seyirtepe and Boztepe on your holiday in Amasra.


Amasra Castle 

Amasra Castle, which gives you a chance to watch the entire Amasra panaromically and shed light on the history of Amasra, is located in the Çekiciler Bazaar. A very good example of Amasra's Historical sites.


Kuskayasi Road Monument 

This fascinating work, which sheds light on the history of Amasra, is based on the Roman Empire. Attractions in Amasra can be found on your list.


Guzelcehisar Lava Columns 

Güzelcehisar Lava Columns, which are in the city of Bartın and which is worth seeing with a history of 80 million, has a unique structure in the world. You should put the Güzelcehisar Lav Columns, which are made up of lava flows of an ancient volcano, to your list of places to visit in Amasra, Turkey.


Amasra Rabbit Island 

Genoese church and monastery that hosts the beauty of this island, the image is gaining love. Amasra Rabbit Island located in the boundaries of Amasra district of Bartın; A nice alternative to your list of places to visit in Bartin, Turkey.


Gurcuoluk Cave

It is located within the boundaries of Amasra district of Bartın. The stalactites and stalagmites, which are very interesting in the air, create a mystical atmosphere inside. We recommend that you have Bartin's sights on your list.


Ulukaya Waterfall 

The place which has this natural beauty in Bartin Ulus is one of the most popular places in the region. If you want to rest your soul, Ulukaya Falls is waiting for you to discover. A very good example of Bartin's natural beauty.


Kapisuyu Beach

If you want to spend authentic summer days, Kapisuyu Beach, which is intertwined with nature, can be preferred. In the region, where the green trees are covered with shore, the sea and the beach are quite convenient. Kapisuyu Beach; Places to visit in Bartin is a must for your list.


Amasra Boztepe 

If you want to capture panoramic views, Amasra Boztepe location is the perfect place for you. From this point on, watching the sunset will be a source of pleasure. Amasra's attractions are our first choice for your list.


Amasra Genoa Castle 

It is evident from the historical sources that the Genoese sailors attach great importance to the Bartın shores. One of the most serious structures they built on Bartın, the Genoa Castle is a thrilling event that has survived to the present day. When visiting Bartin, we suggest you visit this historic place that sheds light on the history of Amasra.



Transportations in Bartin, Turkey



You will be able to reach this wonders of nature, Bartin - Devrek (Zonguldak) - Mengen -Yeniçaga (Bolu) and Safranbolu (Karabuk) - Gerede (Bolu Turkey) in the south. Regular flights from Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Kocaeli(Turkey), Bursa(Turkey), Adana(Turkey) and Izmir are organized. You can use Kastamonu Airport or Zonguldak Caycuma Airport for your transportation. You can get detailed information from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for Kastamonu Airport to Bartin transfer or Zonguldak Caycuma Airport to Amasra Tranfers. You can use the International Bartın Port for your Bartın Sea transport. Apart from the Bartin Port, there are also Amasra, Kurucasile Ports and Tekkeonu Fisherman Shelter marina.



Accommodation in Amasra, Bartin



Amasra Hotels, Bartin Hotels, Amasra Guest houses and pensions are available which can accommodate tens of thousands of guests every year, especially Amasra. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies of the guest house rental and villa holidays sector, will soon serve you in Bartın and Amasra with Bartin Vacation Rentals, Amasra Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes.