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Vacation in Fethiye Turkey


  • Fethiye saves it settlement location from old times and old greeks named this city as Distant Land.Likyas who lived in Mitologyc ages gave name Telmessos to city.City invaded a lot and so that the name city was changing. After estanblishing of Republic the name of city stayed as Fethiye for memory of pilot Fethi Bey.Fethiye Turkey one of the turism center not only with its historical tissue but also with its natural beauties . Fethiye is the richest area of Turkey with its geography and history. There wil be a lot of alternatives of traveling and seeing places in Fethiye Turkey. when we say Fethiye there are regions which are;



    Traveling Places and Activitys in Fethiye Turkey



    Oludeniz: The most popular sea of Turkey and located 13 km far away from Fethiye. It ıs most important coast city of Turkey. You can arrive to Oludeniz from inside Beljekiz coast . Oludeniz waits for visitors from anywhere.Oludeniz choiced the most beautiful beach of world in 2006 and one of the blue flag of Turkey.There is Kirdak beach lef side of Fethiye.You can find to try Turk and world kichtens in Oludeniz Turkey where have a lot of hotels.You can look to sunset when drink your drinks sitting in any restaurants or bars.You can enjoy about Oludeniz appearence and ıslands of Fethiye if you are lover of nature.The night life is active in Fethiye where you can find a lot of bars and clubs.You can prefer Hisaronu where have the biggest entertainment centers of city.Oludeniz gives a service for guestes every year.


    Chalish: Calis is the most important coast city of Fethiye after Oludeniz and located 5 minutes far away from Fethiye center. It is 3 km far away from beach and this place for water sport lovers with its breeze. Calis beautiful point for surfing enthusiasts.There are a lot of restuarants and cafes throughout of Calis.You can try the different tastes in these places.


    Gocek: There are the most famous coastes and islands with its yatches and boats in Gocek. The turism lives around of marina in Gocek Turkey where yatching more developed.Fast developing place and the most popular place of Gocek Villa turism.


    Kayakoy: This place stayed in life untill old times and like a ghost city. Hisaronu 3 km far away from Kayakoy and most active center of old place.St.Nicholos lived in this village who is important person for christians.The house where he lived , using as Levissi restuarant now. There are ships and St.Nicholas Island in Kayakoy. It will be interesting visit Af Castle over the Ships Way.


    Saklikent Canyon: For legend that one shepherd found this place and it has 18 km largenest and frozen source water. You can feel a cold altgough in august month in Saklikent Canyon. you can try taste of pancakeses and troutes in Saklikent.


    Tlos: It is found 40 km far away from Fethiye under Kaleaser and Tlos villages.Tlos acropolis affects the visitors that found in enterance of city.Wallls of Acropolis that come from mitologic period, present the culture of Likya. Before Saklikent Canyon and

    Yakapark you can visit this place.


    Yakapark: One of the beautiful place of Fethiye which its wonderful nature and you have to arrive this place before left Fethiye Turkey. You should have your breakfast here with looking green land and dreink cold water. You should try the jams of Yakapark. It will be wonderful visit to Yakapark with its gushing water from trees.


    Paragliding: Each year tens of thousands of adrenaline addicts Fethiye Babadag found the perfect activite.4 pieces from the runway they have done from the 1900 meters from Babadag world's most important Paragliding your fears one durumundadır.şayet height of the centers to get to or what to do before you die list activity needed.


    Diving : You can take photos and do sport with beautiful sea with its flora and fauna in this place that open 12 months of year. The islands and coastes in Fethiye Bay, Gocek and Oludeniz present limitless freedom for diving enthusiasts.


    Boat Tours: Butterfly Valley, which is one of Fethiye bay famous knights island of St.Nicholas Island, the red island, near the visiting daily to famous places such as bath chance bulabilirsiniz.fethi boat tours of two parts as yapılmaktadır.12 island boat tour starts from Fethiye harbor. another part is to move the boat tour in Oludeniz Beach.


    Horse Safari: It takes a lot of interest alternative sport horse safari in Fethiye at last days. It started from Hisaronu valley and contunieng in Kayakoy and around it will live you interesting tour.


    Trekking: Participants in the walking tour organized by the travel agents in alternative tourism activities, see the rich animal and plant communities, recognizing the culture of the countryside, exploring the historical sites and natural living intertwined, in Fethiye the chance to get away from the stressful environment of modern life also love walking through the unique nature can be alone with nature, will find much to alternatives.


    Jeep Safari: This activite made from professional team of tour agency and it is so enjoyable. You can find to see Saklikent,Tlos, Yakapark and Patarya in same day. You can arrive nearly 200km with this activite. You will enjoy with water war!



    Accommodation in Fethiye Turkey



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    Fethiye is in a convenient location for transportation.It is possible to get by sea and by air, except road traffic.Buses are every days available from Istanbul,Ankara,Izmir,Antalya,Bursa and all Citys for Fethiye.You can use  Gocek Port - Fethiye Port route for your Fethiye sea transport,You can use Dalaman airport for your Fethiye transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!