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The night life of Marmaris


The night life of Marmaris is famous and neraly 450-500 local and foreign turists come to this place every year. You can find every music types in marmaris where have a lot of clubs,pubs an caraoke bras. The worldwide famous Dj's come to Marmaris every year. We can separete two parts night life of Marmaris where you can find all entertainment activities.The most moving place of Marmaris is Marmaris Bars Street.The other place is Uzayli area where are prefered by hotel turists. Marmaris night life is most action.There are not any transportation vechiles progressive night so why you have to use the taxi to arrive your hotels.The transpportation vechiles are contunuing to work untill 01.00 o'clock of night .There is popular night life of Marmaris. 20 entertainment places that our selections for


Marmaris night life 


Arena Club


 There is no doubt that arena Club is the most popular place of Marmaris with its 2000 person capacity and limitless activities such as foam paties and crazy dancers.


Crazy Daisy


This place popular with its Dj's and wonderful musics.


Club Joy


Club Joy is one of the popular place with its foam parties and different music choices. The turists from Nederland and foreign visitors prefer this place.


Back Street Garden


It is prefered by local turists because of economically feasible.Back Street Garden will be wonderful choice with it light system for you.


El Divino Bar


This place is in Marina area which is prefered for its live music performance.We can suggest four guests who love live music.


Club Green House 


It will be wonderful choice for our guests who live entertainment . This place is in the Marmaris Bars street.


Marmaris Rock Bar


The invention place of rock lovers.


Faros Beach


The beautiful place of Uzunyali and are prefered from foreign turists