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Vacation in Didyma, Turkey



Didim, which is in the Aegean region of Turkey and affiliated to the province of Aydin, has always been a popular settlement from the ancient times until the day. Didim(Turkey), which has been dominated by many civilizations since ancient times, is also an important holiday centre of Turkey and World tourism nowadays. Historical sites in Didyma are also quite extensive, as they are home to many cultures in history.With its historical places, natural beauties to visit and blue sea,Didim is the sight of Turkish and World holidays. Didyma is one of the most stunning coastal cities with its unique historical texture, golden beaches and magnificent village. With the best Altinkum Beach in the Aegean Region, Didyma is home to the Temple of Apollo, one of the most important and largest temples in the world. Many European people live in the city, especially the English. With its shopping centres, Didim is open for all seasons to visit. One of the most important and magnificent places that Didim should be seen for is the Temple of Apollo: It is a must to see this historic building during Didyma tour. The Temple of Apollo was built in the 8th century BC in the name of Apollo, The God of Sun. In mythological times this city was known as the centre of the priests. Didyma Apollon Temple is one of the three biggest temples in the world. We have compiled a few alternatives for you to visit and see in your Didyma Holiday.



Places to Visit in Didyma, Turkey



Miletus School: Another place you can visit if you come to Didim. The foundations of geometry, mathematics and astronomy were laid here. The Miletus School is an old building worth seeing. Heraclea, the Temple of Athena and the important port of Priene, is one of the historical sites of Didim to look at the history. 


Didim Akbuk: It has very beautiful bays. There are many Didim hotels, pensions and alternative accommodation facilities in Akbuk that are suitable for every budget. Akbuk is a beautiful residential area with its attractions, beaches and entertainment places, and it is only 20 km away from Didim(Turkey).


Bafa Lake: It is only 15 km away from Didim Turkey. Bafa Lake is a natural wonder. Cennet Islands, Dalyan(Turkey), Hyder, Gumus, Gaye and Akvaryum Bays are places that should be seen with boat trips. You can also enjoy the White Gold Festival in Didim in April.


Temple of Apollo: The Temple of Apollo, which is at the forefront of the historical sites in Didim, has a beautiful story that comes up to present day. In Mythological History,people used to believe in prophecies and magic in the centuries BC. According to them, every good thing had a god. Apollo was the Sun God. In the region of Didim, Apollo meets Brankhos, the shepherd, and teaches him the secrets of prophecy. The shepherd also establishes the first temple in the name of Apollo. The other name of this temple is Didyma (Turkey). Didyma means twin sister. Apollo’s twin sister was Goddess Artemis. Apollo Temple is one of the places that should be at the beginning of the list of places to visit in Didim Turkey.


Bafa Lake National Park: It is 10 km away from Didim (Turkey). There are 5 smaller islets. You can organize your trips by boat. The region hosts various civilizations whichhave a lot of historical remains. There are more than 200 species of birds on Lake Bafa, which must be found on the list of places to visit in Didim. In this national park, located on the slopes of Besparmak Mountain, handline fishing, camping andtrekkingto mountain peak are done.


Didim Beaches:Theyare located on a coastal area spread over a wide range of ​​50 km. Didim Beachesare awarded with Blue flag. Therefore, it is one of the most popular tourism centres of Aegean Sea. 


Altinkum Beach: It is 10 km away from Didim. In the turquoise blue sea, sailing, diving, windsurfing activities are on the forefront. Beyond this beach, there is Manastır Bay Beach, to which you can reach through a bit of a rugged path. Here you will meet the magnificent scenery of Esek and Bulamac Islands. Altinkum Beach,which must be found on the list of places to visit in Didyma; is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to a Didim holiday.


Priene Ancient City: 35 minutes from Didim(Turkey). It is located in Turunclar district of Gullubahce which is connected to Söke Aydin. A marble city made of the skirts of the Samson Mountains, Athena Temple and other historical remains were offered in the foreground. Didim Attractions is one of Didim's historical places that you can listen to.


Didim nightlife:  Is also quite active. You can enjoy pleasant moments by leaving yourself to the rhythm of music in many bars and restaurants located on the shore of Didim(Turkey). You can have fun on a bright night until the sunrise and experience an unforgettable holiday. You can also find detailed information about Didim Night Clubs on our link. With that information on the link, you do not have to lose time searchingto choose a place on your vacation.




Transportation to Didim




Didyma is located in a very easy locale in terms of transportation. Road transport; There are regular bus services to the district of Didim from major cities such as IstanbulAnkara (Turkey)IzmirBursa (Turkey)Antalya (Turkey) and Aydin. To get to Didim by air, Bodrum Airport is 90 km, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 150 km, and Dalaman International Airport is 120 km away. For your airport transfer, you can get detailed information from our other organization, Arsis Vip Transport.



Accomodation in Didim



Bodrum,as one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world;is an exclusive touristic region where you can find many alternatives for Didim Hotels or Hostels during your Didim Holiday. Didim Hotels and Hostels, which are suitable for almost every budget, can be seen asamong the most beautiful hotels. As Dreamofholiday family, we offer you many alternatives for your holiday in Didim with our Didim Villa Rental, Didim holiday Houses and Didim Rentals Apartments.