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Vacation in Didyma TURKEY


Didyma Presentation Didyma, with its unique historical texture, golden-colored beaches and magnificent bays is one of the most awesome coastal cities. Besides having Altınkum Beach which is the best in Aegean Region, Didyma houses Apollon Temple which is one of the most important and biggest temples in the world. Many European people especially British reşide in that city. With its shopping centers, Didyma is open in every season for visitors. We chose some of the most important and worth to see places in Didyma for you. Apollon Temple: It is a must see historical structure during your Didyma trip. Apollon Temple was built on behalf of Sun God Apollon in BCE 8th century. Didyma was known as all-knowing city in mythological times since it was the center of oracles. Apollon Temple is one of the three biggest temples in the world. Milet: it is another place you may visit during your visit to Didyma. School of Milet where the foundations of geometry, maths, and astronomy were laid is an ancient structure worth to see. Besides Herakleia, Athena Temple and an important seaport Priene are great places to visit who are interested in history.

Altınkum: Altinkum is undoubtedly the first thing come to mind when Didyma is mentioned. Altinkum Beach is only 10 minute far from Didyma.

Akbuk: It houses beautiful bays. As an alternative to center of Didyma, Akbuk has many accomodation opportunuties for every budget. With its beaches and places of entertainment, Akbük is a nice settlement place and it is only 20 km far from Didyma. Bafa Lake: Located only 15 km far from Didyma, Bafa Lake is a nature’s wonder. You may go on boat trips during your visit to see Cennet Islands, Dalyan, Haydar, Gümüş, Gaye and Akvaryum Bays. If you g oto Didyma in april, you may also enjoy White Golden Fest