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Holiday in Alanya, Turkey



Alanya is one of the most popular holiday destinations such as Side(Turkey), Manavgat(Turkey), Kemer(Turkey), Kas, Kalkan(Turkey) and Belek(Turkey) of Antalya Province. By the location it is a full of tourism city. Temperature values ​​are high during the year. The distance to the center of Antalya(Turkey) is 132 km. Also Gazipasa airport, which is 45 kilometers away from Alanya (Turkey), also facilitates transportation in terms of tourists.In the historical scene of Alanya; It has been  used as the first settlement with Kadıini Cave in the upper paleotic period 20,000 years ago. Alanya (Turkey) has osted giant empires such as Rome, Byzantium and Ottoman and also It has been dominated of Mediterranean pirates. Alanya (Turkey) has became the Capital of the Seljuk State On its brightest days.The famous philosopher, Heredot, claimed that "This region folks have came from the descendants of people who migrated to Anatolia after the Trojan War".Today, Alanya (Turkey) is a rare city that has announced its name to all over the world with tourism. Alanya (Turkey), is also known as'' The place where the sun smiles. It is a tourism city that attracts interest of people from all corners of the world in summer tourism and also Alanya is a city that shines like a pearl.As a Dream of  Holiday Company we safely offers to dear visitors; Alanya Hotels and Alanya Pensions,of  modern tourism enterprises in Alanya, who prefer Alanya for vacation. We offer this modern enterpires in Alanya daily rental apartments and Alanya daily rental villa concept. It is possible to find Alanya hotels, hostels and Villas which is suitable to every budget in n our  Dream of Holiday modern tourism enterprises list of Alanya Turkey.Alanya is also famous about its Night Life with its nature beauty, historical places and deep blue sea. Alanya Bars which is Stylish and glamorous render quality service to the guests until the first light of the morning. The principled attitude of Dream Of Holiday company is always to offer the highest level of service quality to its guests. We invite you to live the beauty of Alanya, with Dreamofholiday comfort.Here are the important historical and cultural places which you should visit in Alanya.


​Travelling Places in Alanya, Turkey


Alanya Castle: Alanya Castle, which is one of the symbols of historical works of Alanya is the architectural piece of the 13th century Seljuk period. The length of the fortification walls is 6.5 kilometers. Alanya Castle, which is Located at 250 meters altitude from the sea level, will offer you a magnificent sea view for your holiday in Alanya.

Red Tower: Red Tower which is one of the most important symbols of Alanya's history;  is a worth seeing architectural piece with an octagonal plan of 13th century Seljuk period in Alanya. The tower where is in the port of Alanya has got the name 'Kizilkule' due to the red brick whic used in its upper part.In addition, at some points of the Red Tower, the marbles which is belongs to ancient times have increased the historical texture of the work (Red Tower).

Kadıini Cave: The people has selected this cave as the first settlement place 20.000 years ago in Alanya. It is a historic spot to visit with its worth seeing stalactites and stalagmites worth in Alanya holiday. It is also become a source of healing for patient diagnosed with asthma.


Alanya Shipyard and Tophane: After the shipyard which the famous Seljuk leader Alaaddin Keykubat built in Karadeniz; Alaaddin Keykubat has taken the title of "two seas sultan".Entrance is free to this shipyard which has the 13th.century architectural feature. Also Alanya Tophane has built behind the shipyard at a height of 10 meters for the safety of shipyard. These two architectural works  are places where we recommend you to see during Alanya vacation.

Damlatas Cave: The Damlatas Cave, which is about 1 km away from Alanya, is a wonder of nature which has protected. Damlatas Cave is a historic fabric which you shold visit in Alanya with its healing source waters.


Ataturk Museum: The Ataturk Museum, where you can observe the characteristic structure of Alanya houses, hosts  to historical documents, personal objects and paintings of Ataturk. The Ataturk Museum will be a good suggestion to visit in your Alanya vacation.

Dim River: The Dim River which is 15 km away from the Alanya Center, fascinates nature lovers. It is a nice place where you can relax and enjoy your holiday in Alanya. You can also find a chance to try unique tastes in Dim River, which has its place in the natural beauties of Alanya.


Cleopatra Beach: This beach which has taken its name from the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra;  is 2km length and one of the Blue Flag beaches of Turkey.Cleopatra Beach which is in juxtaposition with Damlatas Beach;  is a place where you should definitely visit in Alanya vacation.


Alanya Archeology Museum: Alanya Archeology Museuam is one of the most important places where you should add your places to visit list in Alanya vacation. this museum bears the traces of the hellenistic architecture history.And you can also have chance to see many kinds of artifacts in this museum.


Sapadere Canyon: Sapadere Canyon which is located in Sapadere Village and 40 km away from Alanya (Turkey); is going to make a difference and add distinction to your Alanya vacation with its fascinating atmosphere and spring waters.You can enjoy your vacation by visiting  Sapadere Canyon which is one of the natural beauties of Alanya, with daily tour companies.


Alara Castle: Alara Castle is one of the enormous historical architectural heritage  which has left by Aladdin Keykubat who is the Sultan of Seljuk State for Alanya history. We can inner peace recommend you to add your Alanya trip list to Alara Castle.


Alanya Bars Area: And of course, even though there is no special bars area like other holiday places in Alanya;, first word about Alanya which comes to the mind is Alanya Nightlife. You can enjoy your Alanya holiday by visiting world famous Alanya Bars, Alanya Night Clubs, Cafe and Restaurant in your Alanya vacation.



Transportation in Alanya



Alanya is in an easy location for transportation, and it is possible to reach Alanya by seaway and airway besides highway. Also it is possible to find regular.Bus services from the big cities such as IstanbulAnkara (Turkey)IzmirBursa (Turkey) and (Turkey) Antalya, to Alanya district.You can use Antalya Airport or Alanya Gazipasa Airport to reach Alanya Airport. You can get detailed information from our other organization, Arsis Vip Transport, for your Antalya or Alanya Gazipaşa Airports transfer.


Accomodation in Alanya, Turkey



Alanya ,one of the most distinguished holiday places in the world, is an excellent touristic area where you can find Alanya hotels, pensions and Alanya holiday villages with a lot of options.Alanya hotels are so economic and can easily enter the list of the most beautiful and  distinguished hotels in the world and As Dream Of Holiday family we serve up you with Alanya Cottage Rental, Alanya Villas and Alanya Rental Villas with best quality in Alanya Mahmutlar precinct.