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Presentation of Alanya


Alanya is the best place of Antalya Turkey.It is turism centr with its location.The warm of weather is high during the year.It is 132 km far away from center of Alanya.In adittion, Gazipasa airport 45 km far away from Alanya and it makes transportation easy for turists.Alanya is history center, for example; Kadini Cave was first settlement in upper Paleolithic period. It was home of Byzantanian, Roman and Ottomans and sometimes, was seized by pirates of Meditterian.The shinest periods were in Selcuk State that was capital of it.Alanya is the rare place that talked itself on the World. Dream of Holiday company gives a service to visitors with spaces in Alanya Turkey; We present daily rent flats and daily rent villas to you who prefer Alanya for vacation. Moreover, there are a lot of hotels and holiday village for all budget. The company of Deream of Holiday aim is to gives a service in advanced and quality format.We invate you tol ive comfort and beaty of Alanya with Dream of Holiday company.


The most important historical and cultural places of Alanya are;


Alanya Castle: The sembol of Alanya and was built in 13 century vy Selcuks.The lenght of walls are 6.5 km. The castle 250 metres high from sea and it will present you beautiful view.

Kizilkule: The other important symbol of city.It is architectural work of 13 center of Selcuk period.I is located at Alanya port and takes it name from red brick. In additon, the some points of castle from antique period.

Kadini Cave: The history of place before 20000 years and first settlement of people in Alanya Turkey.This place treat the patients who has asthma.

Historical Alanya SHIPYARD AND ARMORY: Alaaddin Keykubat who was the famous Selcuk lider and buil this structure. The enterance for these historical places is free. Armory was built 10 metres high and behind of shipyard for safety it. We suggest to you visit these two historical structures.