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Kusadasi Nightlife


Kusadasi (Turkey) is tourism heaven with its blue sea, colorful nights.Kusadasi nights save its liveliness in summer and winter. Kusadasi is center of interest from foreign and local turists. There are also beautiful places in Kushadasi.Every year Kushadasi larges it vision with its unique nature. For you we collacted places that you can go and enjoy in Kusadasi ;


Best Bars For Kusadasi Nightlife;



Heaven Bar: One of the most popular place of Kushadasi and known from everyone.Kusadasi (Turkey) hits the mark to nights with its worldwide DJ’s and enjoyable life.


Lucca Bar:This bar opened last year in summer and it achieved to interest customers with its extraordinary consept.We suggest you to visit this bar because of its successful music systems, cocktails and stands.


Ex Club:This place lighted the nights and there are a lot of people in this place all seasons of year.Club gives a quality service to customers with its quality of service and treat.


Jade Beach Club:It will interest you with its stylish consept and open air entertaiment if you prefer beach place such as Jade Beach Club.


Nicci PortThe place shines as a pearl in Kushadasi beach: This place takes a full marks from visitors.You can add this place to your visit route with its beautiful and live musics, moving nights.


Kushadasi Club Bar: You can fully enjoy here. This place for visitors who love music and dance.


Sur Cafe and Bar : If you want to listen a quality and shine place music you can add this cafe and bar to your trip plan.