Bölge Ara

Tlos Ancient City in Turkey

Tlos (Kaleasar) 35 km from Fethiye is located in the village of Yaka. Although the city spread of a large area, remains focused on the Acropolis and around. At the entrance to the city dominating the Acropolis image affects the visitor lot. About 500 altitude steep slopes with natural surroundings of the Acropolis Hill sheltered from place to place has been fortified with walls.The Northeast early that the Acropolis fortification walls with examples of the culture of Lycian rock tombs. More followed in the Eastern and southeastern part of the city walls were built During the Roman Empire. They also have been known to the Byzantine Period sees the repair. They also have repaired in Byzantine age.These repairs are different structures made of stone sarcophagi with the remains. Top reused stones late period building group made 19. dominated the region in the 21st century are the settlement remains named of Ali Aga. Only a few seats left in the present Stadium in acropole can also, baths, theatre and is located in the ruins of the Church. Tlos ancient theater available in completely unattended, the stadium was used as a vegetable by the peasant into the public. At the same time places located in the subsection and depressions remains has to face the day.The Acropolis has changed but the original architecture, the only add - ins himself is unclear. In the same way the party and the city centre, a Hammam and a church is not under protection. When I go into the city at places such as the monumental Tomb sarcophagus remains in the fields can be seen.Upon the city or village is to show the spread scattered next to the Board so that it wouldn't be right. Fethiye(Turkey) - Saklikent Canyon road 4 km away.Although a glorious view of the Culture Ministry completely, just tasked a guard.