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Nightlife in Bodrum, Mugla Turkey



Bodrum is tourism city with its sea, historical tissue, energic life. Bodrum(Turkey), has achieved to become one of Turkey's distinguished tourism centers such as Marmaris(Turkey), Didim(Turkey), Kalkan(Turkey), Alanya(Turkey) and Fethiye(Turkey) proves itself in international area.Bodrum(Turkey), which is located  within the borders of Mugla province, offers a beautiful holiday opportunity to visitors with its lush nature and wonderful plants and  magnificent night life.Bodrum(Turkey) as like a paradise place that we recommend for everyone to visit this city at least once in their life.Bodrum Bars Street  and Gumbet Bars Street is preferred as much as Marmaris bars street, Alanya nights, Didim nightlife, Fethiye bars street and Kusadası bars street for Turkey’s nightlife.Bodrum(Turkey) presents you a lot of enjoyable time, that you will not feel about time there.There are a lot of entertainment places that have architecture of itself, a lot of alternatives in Bodrum(Turkey) and opens its doors for visitors always. We chosed the most special places for you ;



Popular Bars in Bodrum Bars Street




Halikarnas Night Club : This place is known with its wonderful decoration, dancers and different showes. In addition , this place presents you perfect view with its location.


Cuba Bar: It was made wonderful place with historical tissue, modern retuarants.You can watch perfect sea view while drinking your drinks.The place known with its elitligan design in Bodrum(Turkey).If you wish to add color to Bodrum nightsCuba Bar is one of the best places for you to visit.


Marina Yatch Club: The Marina Yatch Club is another enormous place which is located in Bodrum and  dominated to the Bodrum nightlife. It may be difficult to find free space in the late hours of the night with a great and magnificent sense of entertainment. It is one of the most preferred places among the Bodrum Bars.


Sess Turkbuku: It is the best bar of Bodrum Nights on last years.Sess Turkbuku will be a good alternative for Bodrum night life.You can enjoy your time here until the first lights of the morning.


Helva Bar: This place saved its design from past to present and known with its ambiancy , high quality population. It is one of the most preferred places among the Bodrum Bars.


Fink Bar: This place was designed with beautiful colors, and population is young. One of the interesting place of Bodrum with its ritmic musics and dynamism.Fink Bar is another colorful place which you will be able to prefer among the Bodrum Bars.


Roy’s Place Karaoke Bar: Roy's Place, a karaoke bar of quality  that you can enjoy until late in the night.This place is ideal center for karaoke lovers and place that travellers always visit here. Roy’s Place Karaoke Bar which is located in Bodrum is a favorite place to prefer for Bodrum nightlife and you will not be regret when you visit here.


Kule Rock Bar: There take center stage famous rock brands every summer. It has a large area, open air and remarkable place. We sure that this place will enjoy you and you feel so relax here.You can also have a good time at Kule Rock Bar in your Bodrum holiday.


Korfez Bar: This place saves its popularity long years in Bodrum (Turkey) and there often plays rock musics.You will like this place.This place will make you glad lovely musics and quality services. It is good place to prefer for Bodrum nightlife.


Atlantis Bar: This place will present you wonderful music time in the presence of crazy dancers. You will feel good in here.


Mavi Bar: You will dream and feel as in paradise with musics that play here while drinking your drinks. This place presents warm and friendly time to visitors. This place value to visit with its Bodrum nightlife.



Popular Bars in Bodrum, Gumbet Bars Street




Mood Club: Mood Club wich is located in a perfect Bay in Bodrum-Gumbet is a worth to consider place with its location. This place will make you glad lovely musics and quality services. It is good place to prefer for Bodrum night life.


Pasha Club: The Pasha Club is another favorite live music place with Pasha Club where you can prefer in wonderfull holiday place Bodrum. Pasha Club will be a good alternative for Bodrum nightlife.


Club Posh: The Club Posh will be the right address fort he visitors who want to have quite the blast with its perfect location, open cosept and wonderfull light system.It is known as much as other Bodrum Bars whic is located in  Bodrum province. If you enjoy the nightlife here is the right place to visit.


Mystery Club:  It is both a nice karakoke bar and night club which is located in Gumbet Bars Street. It is one of the differenf and quality places which is a good alternative to your Gumbet nights.


Shakers Dance Bar: Shakers Dance Bar is a distinguished place which we can recommend for Bodrum night life and you can prefer here for its nice drinks and its sense of fun. Shakers Dance Bar which is prefferd place of Bodrum nights may be a different alternative for you.


X Bar: The X Bar which is direct the Gumbet nightlife with Pasha Club, Mood Club and Club Posh; has been serving in Gumbet for many years. The X Bar which serves mostly foreign tourists, is the most preferred among the Gumbet Bars. If you wish to add color to Gumbet nights, X Bar is one of the best places for you to visit.



We recommend that you also take a look at Alanya nightlife, which is popular for nightlife in Turkey.