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Information in Rize, Turkey



Rize is located in the eastern black sea region and is a neighbor to Erzurum(Turkey), Trabzon(Turkey), Artvin(Turkey) and Bayburt(Turkey). Rize (Turkey) is built around a small bay on the Black Sea coast, on a narrow strip of flat land between the sea and the mountains behind. The coastal strip is being expanded with landfill and the city is growing up the steep hillsides away from the coast. Rize (Turkey) enjoys a mild, extremely wet climate, vulnerable to storms coming off the Black Sea and therefore the surrounding countryside is rich with vegetation and is attracting more and more visitors every year.We have compiled the most prominent points of Rize Turkey for you.



Traveling Places in Rize Turkey



Ayder Plateau: It is located in the Camlihemsin district of Rize (Turkey).It is located 100 km away from the city center of RizeAnzer Plateau is a region famous for spas and honeys. Ayder Plateau welcomes many visitors every year.We recommend you to put to Ayder Plateau of traveling places in Rize Turkey.


Anzer Plateau: It is located in the Ikizdere district of Rize (Turkey).It is located 85 km of Rize Province.The other name of the Anzer Plateau was Balliköy.Festivals are organized every August.You can add for travelling areas of Rize.


Elevit Plateau: The Elevit Plateau is 55 km from Camlihemsin.It is 1800 meters high.You can see traditional Black Sea Houses on Elevit Plateau.Elevit Plateau is the most crowded area after Ayder Plateau.We recommend you to put to Elevit Plateau of favorite places in Rize Turkey.


Ikizdere: Ikizdere, which has a long history and Ikizdere has historical artifacts.Ikizdere Plateaus is very famous.Ikizdere's plateau houses and natural beauties welcome thousands of visitors every year.


Palovit Plateu: The Palovit Plateau is 4 hours from the center of Camlihemsin.The height of the Palovit Plateau is 2338 m.You can see traditional Plateau Houses on Palovit Plateau.


Kackar Montains: It is located between Rize and Hopa (Artvin Turkey).The Kackar Mountains have excellent natural beauty.The Kackar Mountains are an area suitable for mountain sports.We recommend you to visit Rize (Turkey) on your vacation.


Zil Castle: It lies 15 km south of Camlihemsin.It was made in the time of the 13th Century Kommenos.Just below the Zil Castle is the Firtina River.The Zil Castle is on the historical silk road.We recommend you to add to Zil Castle of traveling places in Rize Turkey.


Kale-i Bala: It is 40 km from Camlihemsin.Kale-i Bala Is at a point where it dominates Firtina River.It is one of the important historical sites of Rize.You can add for seeing areas of Rize.


Firtina River: Formed by a number of streams on the Black Sea side of Kackar Mountains, the Firtina River runs 57 km through lush countryside, eventually reaching the Black Sea about 2 km west of Ardesen, Rize Turkey.We recommend you to put to Firtina River of favorite places in Rize Turkey.




Accommodation in Rize Turkey



You can find many accommodation options in Rize Turkey. You can find Rize's hotels that are suitable for your budget. And, you can rent plateau Houses in Rize for holiday. A short time later will attempt Dreamofholiday firm daily rentals vacation houses and  apartments and holiday villas rentals sector in Rize Turkey.




Transportation in Rize 




Rize is in a convenient location for transportation.It is possible to get by sea and by air, except road traffic.For sea transport you can use Rize-Trabzon (Turkey), Rize - Artvin Hopa(Turkey) and Russia, Rize - İkizdere - Erzurum(Turkey) route.Buses are always available from Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), IzmirAntalya(Turkey)Bursa(Turkey) and all Citys.You can use Trabzon airport for your Rize transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!