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Throughout the history, Fethiye which is located in the Mugla province borders, has become popular settlement for many civilizations.Fethiye is one of the holiday resorts of Turkey like Bodrum Turkey, Datca Turkey, Dalyan Turkey and Marmaris Turkey. Its history dates back to B.C fifth century.Fethiye has known by the name of Telmessos in ancient times. Although Telmessos maintained its existence as an independent city from Lycian civilization in a great period, it has also  remained under the sovereignty of many states ( Persians, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire)There are many cultural and historical artifacts besides the geographical and natural beauties since it carries traces from many civilizations in the history of Fethiye. Within the borders of Fethiye, there are many monuments belonging to the  Persians and the Roman Empire, the Lycians and the Carians. it has many places to visit in the holiday regions of Turkey with its magnificent natural beauties. Since Mediterranean climate prevails in the Fethiye region, the temperature of the sea water never decreases  below 16 degrees. Turkey’s favourite tourist city  will be a great choice for your vacation with its natural beauty, which is surrounded by pine trees every side, world-famous beaches, historical places, large and small bays on the coast where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet.We have compiled the most beautiful holiday resorts of Fethiye for your list of places to visit. You can watch our Fethiye presentation video from here...!

Traveling Places in Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye, which is an ideal holiday spot for those who want a quiet holiday in summer, welcomes its visitors with Oludeniz, Kayakoy, Calis, Gumbet, Karagozler, Yaniklar and Ovacik towns. You will witness a unique natural beauty in every square meter of Fethiye, which fascinates its visitors with its nature, history and clean air.

Fethiye, Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz, which is connected to the town of Fethiye and 13 km from the town, is the most popular sea of ​​our country. It’s an important seashore town with its Belcekiz turquoise waters and fine sand grains, which are mentioned in the legends.The Blue Lagoon is waiting for visitors with its still magnificient view. Fethiye Oludeniz chosen as the best beach in the world in 2006 is one of the blue flagged seas of our country. Kidrak Beach is located on the left of Belcekiz Beach. Kıdrak natural park which is put under protection is preferred  mostly by conservative families. You can find chance to try the important tastes of Turkish and world cuisine in the restaurants of the Oludeniz. It is pleasant to watch paragliding at sunset while you are sipping your drink at a coffee bar. If you are a nature lover, you can go for a walk on the old Lycian way just above the Blue Lagoon and watch the magical scenery and the world famous islands panoramic. Also the Fethiye nightlife is pretty lively as it consists of many bars and clubs.The visitors prefer Hisaronu where they can find  the largest entertainment centres of the region.The Oludeniz ,which is very beautiful both in day and night time ,welcomes hundred of thousands visitors every year. You can reach the panoramic 3D virtual image of the Oludeniz here and it must be at the top of your list of places to visit.

Fethiye, Calis

Calis is 5 minute drive to center of Fethiye and it is the most important seaside city after Oludeniz. With 3 km of sandy beaches, Calis Beach is an ideal holiday destination for many water sports fans.It is also a good centre for surfing fans.There are many restaurants and cafés  along the coast in Calis where you can enjoy watching the sunset.You can have a chance to try different tastes in these restaurants and cafes.It will be a right option for your list of places to visit.

Fethiye, Kayakoy 

Kayakoy; It is one of the most important settlement places of Fethiye region and  has a history of approximately 5 thousand years. It is known as the village of Peace and Friendship and Its ancient name is Levissi. In these houses there is St.Nicolas, which is now serving as a Levissi Restaurant. Here you can find the 3D panoramic virtual tour of Kayakoy region which is one of the historic and touristic places of Fethiye.

Saklikent Canyon

Saklikent Canyon; It is in the borders of Antalya Turkey - Mugla and  it is a unique natural wonder hiding within a 18 km long magnificent canyon of which height reaches to 600 meter in some places.We advise you to see this canyon which has clearly flowing spring waters.Here you can find the 3D panoramic virtual tour of it.

Fethiye, Gemile Island

The Gemile island is important due to having been one of the first centres where Christianity began to spread.It is also known as the island of St.Nicolas. Beside its historical fabric, you may have a chance to cool off in its clear sea.

Fethiye, Tlos Ancient City

Tlos Ancient City; It is known that Tlos is the oldest city of the region and it dates back to the time before 2000 B.C. The graveyard on the natural rocks of the city acropolis was filled with most elaborate house-type tombs Of Lycia. The visitors who love history prefer seeing this city Here you can find the 3D panoramic virtual tour of it.

Fethiye, Letoon Temple

Situated 50 km far from Fethiye, it was the religious centre of the Lycia Federation. Letoon is often visited by the fans of history and it is also very close to the world famous Patara beach. Letoon is one of the places in our country like Cappadocia, Mount Nemrut, Troy Ancient City, Village of Cumalikizik, Hattusa Ancient City, Pamukkale Turkey, Ancient City of Bergama and Ephesus Ancient City which are on the world cultural heritage list by UNESCO.

Yakapark (Turkey)

With its magnificient nature and icy water ,it is one of the most beautiful places in Fethiye or Kalkan. Yakapark  is surrounded by  very green vegetation.and you must have a breakfast here and taste the jam of Yakapark Turkey. It will be a nice trip for you with its magnificent nature.

Mugla, Gocek

Gocek Turkey; Having world famous bays and islands ,it is the most favourite place for private yacht and boat for blue voyage. Tourism is lively around the marina in this region where yachting  is very developed. It is also one of the most popular places for villa tourism.

The Activities in Fethiye, Turkey

Paragliding: Each year tens of thousands visitors especially adrenalin junkies prefer paragliding from 1900 meter in Babadag. There are 4 departure tracks and it is one of the most important paragliding centres.If you aren’t afraid of heights you should try it before dying.

Diving: It is an activity that offers both diving education and photography for those who wish to explore the mysterious sea bottom with rich flora and fauna. You can do it in each season.The islands and the bays of Fethiye, Gocek and Oludeniz are favourite places for diving fans.

Boat Tours: You may have a chance to visit Butterfly Valley, Knights Island, Island of St.Nicholas, Red Island and Cleopatra Bath with daily tours.The boat tours are organized in two parts. The tour of 12 islands starts from Fethiye harbour while  the other moves from the beach of Blue Lagoon.

Horse Riding: Riding is a sport which has recently drawn great interest in Fethiye.It starts from Hisaronu and Ovacik. Accompanied by the smell of pine trees, it will be a different  activity for nature lovers from the Mounts of Toros to the Mediterranean.

Trekking: People who participate in walking tours organized by travel agencies in alternative tourism activities may have a chance to see the different animal and plant communities, know the culture of countryside and get away from  the stressful environment of modern life.

Jeep Safari: It is an amusing daily activity coordinated by the professional team of tour agents. You may have a chance to see Saklikent, Tlos Ancient City, Yakapark and Patara Beach within the same day.In this amusing activity you will travel 200 km averagely and you can do water fights during the trip.

Transportation in Fethiye, Mugla Turkey

Road transport: You can reach to the fethiye region from all of our cities with three roads connected with Antalya, Mugla and Burdur Turkey. There are also bus services from metropolises such as Istanbul, Ankara Turkey, Izmir, Bursa Turkey and Adana Turkey.

Air transport: Fethiye is only 55 km away from Dalaman Airport which is one of the biggest airports of the world.You can get information from Arsis Vip Transport for your transfer requests to Fethiye to Dalaman Airport transfers.

Sea transport:  Alternative sea transportation in Fethiye port which has a natural structure will be a nice option.

Accommodation in Fethiye, Mugla Turkey

It consists of three parts as Fethiye, Calis and the Oludeniz in terms of accommodation and settlement. The most modern hotels and the ones that are more expensive than others are hotels and holiday villages in the Oludeniz. The cheapest ones in the Oludeniz hotels are mostly in Ovacik and Hisaronu. Also Ovacik villa rentals and Hisaronu vacation rentals provide a great contribution to sector of accommodation in Fethiye. Our domestic and foreign visitors, who want to be close to sea, prefer the region of Calis. You can find budget - friendly accommodation centres in the region of Calis.The hotels and hostels in Calis mainly appeal to the budget of middle class. You can find motels, hotels, hostels and holiday villages that are affordable for every one. As Dreamofholiday Firm, we provide services such as villas , summer houses and apartments for rent. You can view the Oludeniz rental villas, Calis cottage rent and Fethiye holiday villa rent  from our system.

 With the unique nature of Fethiye and Fethiye historical structure, your holiday in Fethiye will be the right option for you to relieve the tiredness and stress of a whole year.

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