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 Our customers are working with friends by experiencing this, as well as the Dream of Holiday  web site, improve the protection and respect of all trust.. Evaluates the specified below, your personal information is always in Dream of Holiday

• Protecting your privacy and integrity

• Our forward-looking statements in accordance

• Comply with applicable data protection laws, orders, regulations, and in accordance with the law, according to the principles of


When Privacy Is Valid

This privacy statement applies to personal information we collect all data sources processing. This privacy policy, the data described by the people directly and another person from a person (or company) that identifies the information you've collected. 

Therefore, this privacy policy statement "you", "me", "I" words are used, the person directly or indirectly mentioned information from someone else, regardless of the personal information we collect.

What is a data processing

Data processing of personal information, clarify, adapt, modify, use, clear, correct, block, delete, merge, transfer, receive, record, edit, store, destroy, and use the personal information, regardless of the automatic vehicles, including varies containing any sequence of operations. What is personal information? Personal information is information about you that we can use to specifically identify you, for example:

• Your name and phone number

• Mail addresses

• Information, address, social security information and any other personal identifiers, or

• Account numbers

• You can also describe that, or any other information about you Some of the types of personal information may be sensitive information.Sensitive information is described below. We use your personal information in this privacy policy statement, expression, expressing special prescriptions as sensitive information

What is sensitive information

Some of the types of personal information is sensitive information. Your sensitive information (such as device serial number or the date of implant), racial and ethnic national, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, trade union membership and political ties or identifying or personal information about them.

What happens if Privacy Policies Explain changes

This is an important decision to make changes to the privacy statement, we will explain all the important changes in this part of the  from the comment. For the most up-to-date version of this explanation and history of Dreamofholiday, you can find all the time and you can contact us at the following address.

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