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The history of Marmaris, which dates from mythological times to the day, dates back to 3500 BC.One of the paradise corners of Mugla Province like Bodrum Turkey, Fethiye Turkey, Dalyan Fethiye and Gocek, Marmaris is home to all tones of blue and green throughout thewhole year. Since Marmaris (Turkey) has entered into sovereignty of many civilizations throughout history, it has traces of the civilizations of Karia, Egypt, Assyrian, Ion, Dor, Persian, Macedonian, Syria, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. Since Marmaris is home to enormous natural beauty outside its historical places, it is in a great struggle with Bodrum and Fethiye, which are the other important holiday cities of Mugla Province in Summer Tourism. The population of Marmaris, which is normally around 90 thousand, is over one million in the summer months. Due to its long coastline, proximity to ancient cities, natural beauties, and the abundance of coves in the region, and to its convenience for blue tours andyachting, it has become a modern tourist destination. Marmaris has such a unique nature that; this is why it was called "Physkos" in ancient times in the language of Karya which means "City of Nature". Since Marmaris has a Mediterranean climate, it is possible to swim even in winter months. Apart from land transportation, thanks to the Dalaman airport and the Rhodes Ferries, Marmaris is in a region where you can easily reach the outside world. Marmaris (Turkey) has become an important centre for centuries with its historical texture, places to visit and natural beauties. As for Marmaris, the first Marmaris nights come to mind, but it is also a holiday destination with its natural beauties, historical structure and modern Marmaris hotels. We chose some of the places to visit in Marmaris that you can find a lot of options together for you. Marmaris has become an important centre for centuries with its historical texture, places to visit and natural beauties. As for Marmaris, the Marmaris nights come to mind first, but it is a resort area which is also sought with its natural beauties, historical structure and modern Marmaris otels. We chose some of the places to visit for you in Marmaris in which you can find many options together.

Places to Visit in Marmaris, Mugla Turkey

Marmaris, which is an ideal holiday spot for those who want a unforgettable holiday in summer, welcomes its visitors with Icmeler, Beldibi, Armutalan, Turunc, Orhaniye and Selimiye towns. You will witness a unique natural beauty in every square meter of Marmaris, which fascinates its visitors with its nature, history and clean air.

Marmaris Castle

It is one of the symbolic structures of Marmaris, made by the Ionians, where you can watch the panoramic view of Marmaris. It is known that Marmaris Castle, which has witnessed the history of Marmaris, was built by Ions in 1044 BC. You can visit Marmaris Castle night and day with its magnificent location where you can watch the whole Marmaris View. Marmaris Museum is also located in the castle. Taşhan and Kemerli Köprü can be visited by history lovers, and you will have the chance to see Phskos, Loryma, Amos, Cedrae, Hydas, Erine, Castabus, Saranda and Bybassios, which are important harbor towns in ancient times. We recommend you to put this place in the top of the list of places to visit in Marmaris.

Museum of Marmaris, Turkey

You should definitely see this museum in which works of Hellenism, Roman and Byzantine period in Marmaris are displayed. Marmaris Museum is located in Marmaris Castle, just behind Marmaris Yacht harbour. The Marmaris Museum, which you can visit day and night, is located in a place that dominates Marmaris.

Marmaris, Cennet (Paradise) Island

You can choose this island in Marmaris which is covered with forests in a 30 minute distance to Marmaris. Cennet (Paradise) Island, a wonderful example of the natural beauties of Marmaris, should find its place in the upper parts of the list of places to be seen in Marmaris Turkey.

Marmaris, Phosphorous Cave

Green and turquoise colour reminiscent of the aquarium offers guests a nice swimming opportunity. Although not known like the Phosphorous Cave in Alanya, you should still take Phosphorous Cave, a frequented place of Marmaris cruise boats, to the places to see list of Marmaris Turkey.

Marmaris Turkey, Icmeler

Icmeler, the most beautiful and most popular spot in the Marmaris region, has become renowned for its drinking water as its name implies. In addition to drinking water, its beaches, hotels, hostels and other accommodation points are highly demanded. Icmeler is 9 km away from Marmaris. Marmaris is the first place for holiday. Preferred for holiday in Marmaris, Icmeler Bay, is a region where people who do not stay in therealso prefer for its beach. Although there are many hotels and accommodation alternatives within its boundaries, Marmaris is preferred for entertainment life rather than Icmeler.

Marmaris Turkey, Turunc Bay

This bay, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists, is 20 kilometres to Marmaris and it is reachable by road or sea. It is the most popular place of Marmaris after Icmeler bay. Turunc Cove, where you can see the shades of green and blue, is one of the Blue Flag beaches of our country. You can also do underwater sports Icmeler, whichtotally deserves to be in the list of places to visit in Marmaris Turkey.

Marmaris Turkey, Kumlubuk Bay

A region you can reach from Marmaris by sea, and a perfect region with its immaculate sea and unspoiled beach, green and blue blended with the sun, and it must bein your list of natural beauties of Marmaris Turkey. We suggest you to visit Kumlubuk Cove, which is a quiet, calm and exquisite place where no one can disturb you.

Marmaris Turkey, Ciftlik Bay

Farm Cove which welcomes Marmaris holiday-makers with its wonderful view is the best example of the natural beauties of Marmaris Turkey. Like Patara Beach, Blue Lagoon Beach and Iztuzu Beach, it is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Turkey. Especially yachters preferred this cove with its large sandy beaches and arbour restaurants. It is a frequent spot for the Jeep safari-makers.You can join the day trips on Marmaris and enjoy the region.

Marmaris Turkey, Gunnucek National Park

Gunnucek is located in the forest of Liquidambar Orientalis, which is rarely seen in the world. It is located on the way of Yalancı Bogaz and 1 km from Marmaris. Gonnucek National Park, which has a different beauty every month of the year, fascinates its visitors. We recommend you add it to the list of places to visit in Marmaris Turkey.

Marmaris Turkey, Yalanci Bogaz

Yalancı Boğaz is one of the places you should see during Marmaris holidays. There are tree-made Gullet shipyards in Yalancı Bogaz, which is 8 km away from Marmaris. Despite the fact that it is not a real bosphorus, its underwater ecosystem is uniquely real. Yalancı Bogaz is one of the places you need to consider in order to experience the nature of Marmaris and to dive in Marmaris holidays.

Marmaris Nightlife

Marmaris, which is preferred by locals and foreigners, is very popular for night life. The bars and discos of Marmaris, where the world famous DJs also perform, are quite a movement. You can listen to all kinds of music on the streets of Marmaris bars street. Marmaris has the most active and fun nightlife among the ones in the Aegean region such as Bodrum nightlife, Fethiye nightlife, Kusadasi nightlife or Didim nightlife. There are many disco, bars, cafes and restaurants on the streets of Uzunyalı as an alternative to Marmaris bars street. There are many restaurants in Marmaris where you can taste the unique tastes of the Mediterranean and the world cuisine. Apart from the historical places of Marmaris, natural beauty and sea, Marmaris is a region that can be preferred only for night life and vacation.

Nature enthusiasts can also visit recreation spots like Turgut and Bozburun in  Marmaris.

Accomodation in Marmaris, Mugla Turkey

Marmaris, which is one of the distinguished holiday destinations of the world and our country, offers many alternatives among Marmaris hotelshostels and Holiday Villages for Marmaris holidaysMarmaris Hotels, which will not overrun your budget,are the places that deserve to be on the list of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Our company Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the pioneers of the holiday villas and home rental sector in the villa, serves every budget and every guest group in hotel concept in Marmaris as well as in holiday centers such as Bodrum TurkeyKas TurkeyKusadasiFethiye Turkey and Cesme. You can reach our rental houses and holiday homes in different locations and concepts in Marmaris from the relevant links.

One of the indispensable options of Marmaris Holiday is the Gullet or Yacht holiday. As Arsis Yacht Charter, which is one of the leading companies in Turkey in yacht chartering sector, we also offer Gullet Charter and Motor Yacht Charter services in Marmaris Port, which we have also offered in Gocek HarbourBodrum HarbourFethiye HarbourKusadasi Harbour and Kalkan Harbour. You can get detailed information from our call centre.

Transportation to Marmaris, Turkey

Road Transportation: With the highway operations done in recent years, road transportation to Marmaris is carried out without any problems. As you can reach with your own vehicle by using Izmir Turkey - Aydin – Mugla - Fethiye - Gocek Turkey routes; You can also travel with the bus smoothly. Buses are available from major cities like IstanbulAnkara TurkeyIzmirBursa Turkey and Antalya Turkey.

Air Transportation: You can use Dalaman Airport for your Marmaris Air Transportation. It is approximately 1 hour distance from Marmaris to Dalaman Airport. You can get detailed information from our our another organization, Arsis Vip Transport,for transfers from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris.

Maritime Transportation: Maritime Transportation to Marmaris, which has the most important yacht harbors of the Mediterranean and Turkey, is carried out via ferries interspersed from Bodrum and Datca. Other than Bodrum and Datca Turkey, ferry and catamaran services are regularly organized at the island of RhodesYachts and private boat owners use Marmaris Marina.

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