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Private Gulet , Yacht Charter in Turkey

Antalya Turkey, Gocek, Fethiye Turkey, Marmaris Turkey, Kusadasi, Kalkan Turkey and Bodrum Turkey, with many historical and natural beauties, are home to holidaymakers who turn their route every year. Gulet and private yacht rental sector, which has been growing in recent years as an avalanche and has become an alternative holiday product, has started to increase its popularity day by day. The Aegean shores, which have been home to many civilizations for centuries, have been fascinated by the visitors of the Mediterranean. Our bays, which offer a separate visual show in every square meter, have the appetite of many seafarers from every country in the world. Yacht Tourism, which is an extremely expensive passion throughout the world, has long been considered for rich people. However, it has become attractive for most people thanks to the alternative Yacht - Gulet Rentals. For years, Turkey's most popular holiday destinations in providing accommodation services our company again Arsiat Tourism Inc. site, Gulet - Yacht Charter activities continues with its experienced staff in Gocek harbor, the port of Bodrum, Marmaris Port, Kalkan Harbor, Fethiye harbor. Very soon, Kusadasi Port, Mudanya Port, Izmir Port will be opened to service. With our experienced staff, yachts and gulets in the rental stage, the preferred route and all the details of the region by transferring the details of the blue tour prices and budget for your time and budget to determine the most appropriate to help you rent a yacht - Gulet. With Arsis Yacht Charter, you will only determine your holiday time and we will determine the appropriate rental budget for our rental yacht. The price range of our Motor yachts and gulets varies up to 250-5000 Euro per day and according to the comfort and equipment of Gulet, Motoryacht. You can call Arsis Call Center 24/7 for more detailed information.

Gulet - Motoryacht Charter Conditions 

* Our yacht yachts and gulets within our company serve in 6 months between May and November. All the yachts you will see in our fleet will be different, and the port of the gulets will vary, so it will give you extra time to specify the port you would like to start on the booking form.

* Generally Gulet - Motoryacht rentals are organized in weekly periods and starting on Saturday. As the rental company of Arsis Yacht, we are unable to respond to your rental request in June, July, August, yacht in less than one week. As Arsis Yacht Charter company, we can respond to the requests of our guests who cannot spend enough time for the yacht holiday, only with our Yacht - Gulets or high season. Campaign Gulet - Motoryachts vary according to season. You can find the most suitable price for our Gulet with Campaign from our call center.

* The weekly rental fee we charge for motoryacht- gulets charters includes diesel, transitlog, personnel expenses and port taxes in Turkish sea. Most of our yachts and gulets are available for schnorkel, fins, sea toys, fishing rods and canoes.

* Yacht Tourism: Yacht rental, Gulet Charter and Motoryacht Charter options are made with three different product groups. Of these options, of course; Gulet Rental is the most preferred. The average size of our Gulet - Motoryachts, which sail to the Mediterranean Bays, the Aegean Coast and the Marmara shores, varies between 12 meters and 50 meters. It offers accommodation for 2 to 25 guests. Gulet - During motorboat rental, when creating your Blue Tour group, you need to specify the number of people and the Marina option to start cruise. It will give you extra time to take into consideration the transportation conditions of the marina you will prefer for a smooth Blue Tour. Turkey's most important airport transfers play an active role in the company Arsis Vip Transfer, Dalaman Airport, Bodrum Milas Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, maintains the highest quality of operations at Antalya Airport. You can get support from Arsis Vip Transfer, which is located under Arsiat Turizm AŞ.

* Blue Tour organizations, starting Saturday in general, Gulet - Motoryacht coming from the previous cruise, cleaning and the preparation of the next Blue Tour, the Yacht and Gulet Rental starts in general at 15.00 and after the end of the Blue Tour breakfast It's like 10:00.

* After considering all these Gulet and yacht charter conditions, you are just choosing to the most suitable Gulet - Motoryacht for you.

Regions We Operate

Fethiye Yacht-Gulet CharterFethiye is one of the most beautiful holiday cities of our country. Oludeniz, such as Blue flag beaches and the magnificent bay of Fethiye, which is home to many places to visit. You will find a chance to witness dozens of natural beauties such as Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay and Gemile Island, which are all the world's favorite.

Gulet Charter in Gocek: Turkey's yacht tourism in the region and the first that comes to mind is definitely Gocek. Gocek is located within the spectacular natural beauty as well as due to the geographical structure of the Gulf of Gocek was the capital of Turkey for the Blue Tour. Göcek, which is located on the route of tens of thousands of domestic and foreign yacht enthusiasts, also has turquoise sea and magnificent bays.

Gulet, Yatch Charter in Bodrum: Turkey's most preferred holiday resort of Bodrum from the beginning, a golden opportunity in Blue tour boats. Bardakci Cove, Aquarium, Gumbet, Bitez, Kargı Bay, Karaincir, Akyarlar Cape, Yalıkavak, Tilkicik Bay, Türkbükü, Torba, Yalıköy, Salih Island and Bargilya are some of the places to visit. We guarantee that you will have a chance to spend good times in your Bodrum Yacht - Gulet rental activity. 

Marmaris Yacht, Gulet Rental: One of the most preferred destinations of our country with its magnificent nature is undoubtedly Marmaris. Marmaris, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of people every year with its wonderful natural atmosphere and nightlife, is also one of the locations that are wanted for yacht holiday. Gulet - Yacht Charter activities within the magnificent Marmaris bays outside the Greek islands to see the chance to visit.

Kash - Kalkan Yacht, Gulet Charter: One of the most important tourism areas that fascinate people with its magnificent natural beauties is Kas. Kas and Kalkan regions, which have managed to remain untouched due to being far from Antalya City Center, are a tremendous route in the Blue Tour activities. For large groups and families, Kas Yacht -Gulet Charter will be the first step of a wonderful holiday.

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